Thursday, March 27, 2008

commpliments from Dan


Love what you have done with Nu Communications. Keep it up, it’s making a difference.


Background: Dan Chard is the Executive Vice President, Distributor Success for Nu Skin Enterprises. he is my boss's boss... yeah... pretty big deal. so these are some of the people that i work with click here

i am writing this blog, and hoping no one would see it....... i don't really care

What Dan wrote in that e-mail totally just made my day =^.^= I am so glad that my big projects are done, but I still need to make an inset for the TE trip before 4/4. i'll prpbabaly have it done by today. Work has been really crazy lately, and the reason i said that is i kinked my neck twice with in one week. when i was with Tiffani, she pulled on my neck, and when she pull closer to the neck, my head tilted to the right. Apparently, my c2 and c3 were out. it was quit painful.

This morning was better... still a little sore...