Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cyndy's nephew

As many of you might know, Steve and I are called to be the nursery leader. We basically are baby sitters for 2 hours at church. We love it!!! Those kids are so cute, and some of them are a hand full, but we love them anyway.

We have the youngest kids in the nursery, and most kids have some kind of anxioty when they come into the class. I don't blame them, they are only a little under 2. Actually, I don't really know how old those kids are. All I know that last year, everyone in my class can communicate what they want. They talk to me, and tell me what they like. We had all girls, except one boy who likes to color everything orange, and he wears his father's clothes - from when he was living in Germany as a kid.

The class we have this year is full of boys, and one girl. I guess girls learn to communicate a lot faster than the boys. None of the kids really talk that much, they understand what we are saying to them. But they don't really know or care what's going on. If one kid cries, then it sets off other kids. All hell breaks out, and all kids cry. I have learned not to say " dad" or anything sounds like dad, because it sets them off.

While all the kids cries, there is this one kid who just looks like he is thinking very hard. So hard, to the point that his brain might come out. He looks so intense, but Steve found his happy spot. This kid likes to read, and he knows all the animal names. Steve read the "Squishie Turtle" to this little guy, and he is just all smiles. He points, and yells the name of the animal on the page.

" Tou-tou" = turtle
"aw-pus" = Octopus
" hu'i - sh" = fish
"sh-ahhh'k" = Shark

Without fail, he licks the squish shinny seaweed every time we turn to that page. I later found out that he is Cindy's nephew. His dad brought him in, and turned in the paper that we need to know about the kids. I noticed that his last name is Ford, and as usual I start to common Mormon conversation starter. " Oh your last name is / you are from.... Do you know so and so?"

Carter's dad said " yeah, she's my sister. How did you know her?"

the conversation when on, and Carter became my favorite.
1. he doesn't cry.
2. he's super cute.
3. He is Cindy's nephew!!

This is not the best pic of me, but Carter sure is cute. Yup, he is the "tou-tou"(turtle) kid.

Last sunday, he was getting tired. He just runs up to me with open arms, I picked him up and he just just snuggled on my chest. awwwwww... i just wanted to take him home. For rest of the hour, he stayed in my arms. We had fun chasing and popping bobbles. To those of you who might be called to be a nursery leader, bubbles do wonders. They kids just gets goo-goo eyes and in their own la-la land.

Anyway, can't wait to see Carter tomorrow. Hope all the kids are getting used to coming to nursery a little more, and let's hope that they will stay chilled. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

weak photo

Recently I have found my interest in photography again that I put away since I was in Paris. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe it’s because Rexburg is really boring to photograph? Or it’s just too cold to go outside for a photo walk. I finally found “it” again when I decide it’s time to buy a Nikon D3000. It’s a beginner’s photographer’s camera, it takes awesome photos, and it’s compact.

I am not a professional photographer by all means, but I like photos. Photos can say a lot about what is happening, how a person might be feeling, a silent story untold and it helps me to capture memories that I might someday forget. Sometimes you can capture the most interesting moment of someone’s life, and they don’t even know it. My favorite shots are the ones taken with micro feature, the flower icon. Because the background is blurred, and only one subject is in focus.

My family have been my subject in the past couple months as I practice my shots. I don’t plan to be a professional photographer at all, it is simply a hobbie that makes me happy. Something that I can do in my own time, and it doesn’t cost money. Except for the start up fee: buying a new camera and accessories.

I spend my time at night listening to my Nora Jones music, and putting layers adjustments on my photos. After I am done with editing my photos, I like to show it to Steve. He always says “ Baby, you are really really good at this.” Maybe I am good, maybe I am not. All in all, it makes me feel good to share my photo with him, and receive his compliments. He’s great isn’t he?



Thursday, January 7, 2010

One year anniversary at Disneyland!

Can you believe it? We have been married for a year, and we had lots of fun at Disneyland.

During the holidays, we were able to go to the world famous San Diego Zoo with all the Petersons. Paul go to see his favorite animal, elephant. We took some fun pics.

We went to the beach where Steve Proposed to be 2 years ago, Del Mar. Megan was my model for the day. I had fun with my camera at the beach.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

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