Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Commenced!

Our law school journey began this week, Steve started school, and i am officially a stay-at-home-mom. This title comes with many responsibilities, my days are full and very busy. The moms know how busy we are in the house.

first day of school

There are quite a few girls in my ward that went through law school with their husband, one girl in particular said to me " oh, it is very hard! (being a law student's wife)" she taught a lesson on sunday about keeping the sabbath day holy, and how her husband would not do home work on Sundays, and it is her favorite day, because she gets to see her husband. Wow!! I came into this new adventure knowing that I will not see my husband much when he is at school, but we made an effort that he treats law school like a full time job. He gets everything done at school, and when he comes home, he is our favorite daddy and husband.

Monday night is family night, so we went to the zoo to visit some of our favorite animal friends. We quite enjoy the Sky-fari at the zoo, it takes us way up high and you can see the San Diego city and the whole entire zoo.

Sophie thought something was super funny when Steve snapped the shot. I love Sophie's facial expression here.

Sophie doesn't care much about the real life animals, she is not scared of the ones that are moving around. However, she is terrified of animal statues. When we were going to take the photo, she was totally fine, until she popped up from the hole and saw the seal statue. Steve then snapped this photo below. Disclaimer, we didn't force her to take the photo. If i had know how scared she was, I wouldn't have done it.

The first two days of school, I had to take Steve to school, because his bike hasn't shown up yet.
So we went to pick up daddy, and waited for him by the school library.

Oh, and Sophie doesn't like to drink water out her her cups. She likes to turn on the bathroom facet and do this.

At least  she looks happy right? I hope the water is clean enough to drink.

This week is pretty good so far, except I got a cold. I hope it goes away soon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Chapter - San Diego!

I am just going to jump to the funny part. I saw my gay neighbor's butt!!  He was trying to decide where to put his new tattoo, and he decided to show his full smooth butt. I thought it was hilarious, and a humorous way to get to know my neighbor. Another neighbor living on the other side of us offered to make us cookies with pot in it. What a wonderful neighborhood?!! Over all, I love it here!

Okay, I'll back up for a moment here. For those of you who don't know, we have just moved to San Diego. Steve will be attending law school here in just couple weeks, we are all really excited for this new adventure, and excited for what the future has offer.

I have quit my job--again ( I miss my Nu Skin friends), to be a stay at home mom with Sophie. The world famous San Diego zoo is just 3 min driving time from my house; We already got a zoo pass, and we've been there twice this week. It's so nice to know that I can go there with Steve and Sophie anytime, and I am not pressured to stay all day.

We found the elephants! Check off our list!

Steve found fishies on the ground near the elephant, then he realized that Sophie was throwing her fishies to feed the elephants. I guess the elephant came and picked some up and ate it.

she is terrified of large birds
The beach is only 15 minutes away. Sophie wasn't so sure about the sand at first, needless to say that she doesn't like dirty things. She would pick her nose, and give her daddy the treasure that she has discovered inside of her little nose. It's quite humorous seeing a little baby who is only 1 1/2 years old not liking dirty things. Such a girly girl.

She loved the water, and wanted to go into the deeper end of the ocean all the time. If I did't hold her hands, she'd totally dive in.

Thanks Tina for the beach toys!!

About the new place:

The neighborhood we live in is totally different than the demographic that we had in Provo. Most people here are single, and no kids. Sophie is the only kid on this block. Instead of having kids, people have dogs. Every day people walk their little poodles or chihuahua sized dog around the block, and I walk my baby in the stroller. Oh, and most people in this neighborhood is gay. I told my mom about that aspect about my new neighborhood, and she gave me a "ew", and I was really offended by it!! My gay neighbors are way nicer than any of my Mormon neighbors in Provo, they dress nice, they have manners, they seem to be well educated, they drive BMW or Mercedes(on my block), they have great sense of fashion, they have great taste in furniture and decorations. Most important of all, they are themselves, instead of faking who they are not. I have had many gay friends, and I love them for who they are, regardless of their sexual orientation. I just don't want to know too much detail about how things work, if you know what I mean.

One morning I walked to Sprouts, it's about a mile away. The walk was hard!! who knew walking could be so hard and strenuous?!? The roads around my house is almost as hilly as the famous San Francisco Lombard Street, hence pushing a stroller up hill to the grocery store makes a sweaty mommy.

On the walk, I show Sophie different kinds of plants and try to teach her the names of them in both English and Chinese. She just remembers whatever is the easiest for her to say. There were so many cute little pots of plants, herbs and fruits.

About the Russians:

There is a huge complex on our walk to Sprouts, and I noticed that there were many old people just hangout out in the common area. I thought they were just old and couldn't speak clearly, but it's not till later when I witness a Bourn Identity moment. One man was yelling in Russian to another man parking behind him, he was throwing his arms and appeared to be irate. This man is about 6 feet tall, salt and black pepper hair, strong eye brow bones, rough tan skin, curly chest hair (cuz he was wearing a hawaiian shirt and didn't button up the top 4 buttons), and he seems like he might have a gun. Then I realized I was walking in front of a Russian church, it was pretty close to the huge Russian old people's apartment complex.

ok, it's late and i am tired. Sorry for the rambling. Those old Russian ladies were happy to see a little cute baby like Sophie saying hi and blowing kisses to them. Maybe I'll befriend them next time I pass by, maybe i'll get some awesome Russian cabbage soup recipe!

Le fin.