Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to Princess Sophie

My sweet little princess is turning 3 years old today. So I thought I probably should blog and record what we did today.

We started out the day with a trip to a Japanese dollar store and got some Hello Kitty Items. It's a must for any little girl. I got her some of my childhood favorites, which are Hello Kitty stamps, Pocky in Strawberry flavor, some tracing tools of Hello Kitty and this and that. She was in heaven! Then she asked me " Sushi for lunch?" Well, you can't say no to a cute little thing like that right?

Voila! I took my 3 year old to a sushi restaurant, and spoiled her with her favorite rolls. California roll, and shrimp tempura roll. Seriously, how many 3 year olds demand for sushi? I am not complaining, at least someone in the family would go eat sushi with me. It might as well be her, right? Maybe she'll develop her pallet and would have fancy sea food with me someday.  

We stuffed our face! I know she did. Literally!

The Sushi owner lady heard it was Sophie's birthday, she offered some mochi ice cream! Sophie was so happy!

We had a little celebration during Thanksgiving break with our cousins from Arizona, since we don't see them much or get to do birthdays with them. So, we celebrated Sophie's birthday with the presence of Miss Chloe and Sir Cohen. It was so fun to have cousins and aunt and uncle around for birthdays. We should do this more often. 

The older I get, the more I feel the importance of celebrating birthdays. (Thanks to Steve)
In Steve's words: " Birthdays are important!"
And he is right!! We are celebrating the birth of a new life and a life full of possibilities.

We were able to visit one of Sophie's favorite spot in San Diego earlier that day, Sea World! It was so cute to see the girls holding hands and being such good friends. Sophie wanted to do everything Chloe is doing. They even had the same hair (Thanks to auntie Stefie!)

The kids sure had fun seeing all the marine animals, and saw Shamu doing flips.

As crazy as gathering with family during holidays can be, I have realized the importance of family and celebrating each other in the family. Family will always be there for you. Your family loves you and accept who you are. Your brothers and sisters will nag you and push your button. At the end of the day, there is love. There is a group of people who love you for who you are, and are ok to be annoyed by you.

Maybe it is the holiday season, but I am all emotional about having an awesome family. My in-laws are great! They spoil us when we come. I have never have what they have given me growing up, and I truly appreciate for all they do. 

Oh my sweet Sophie! You are one lucky girl to have the family you have. You are so loved! Your daddy especially, loves you rotten, he adores you. And I, your adventurous mother... I can not wait to have even more new adventures with you. I can't wait till you are tall enough to go on Splash Mountain and Space Mountain with me! Until then, A Bugs Land and Toontown will do.

Happy Birthday my sweet Sophie. I hope you had a great birthday. I wish you all the good things in this world, and I pray that you will be watched over and be happy. 

My 9lbs 3oz sumo baby!