Sunday, March 31, 2013

1L completion in less than 4 weeks

My friends weren't kidding me when they say going through law school with their husbands were hard. I have not updated my blog in the past couple months, because I didn't want to complain on my own blog. No one wants to hear about the hard things a law students wife go though. There are already so many veteran of law students wives before me said enough about the hardships. So, I am going to share about my fun-ship.

Recap for the past couple monthes.

Steve has done exceptionally in his first semester of law school. All the hard work and hours definitely paid off. It is so nice to know that letting my husband do his thing, and sometimes not see him or having him around will one day pay off. He works his tail off for sure, and I am so proud of him! He is a great husband and father. He is my best friend! oh, and he looks nice in his new suit!

When Steve gets busy, Sophie and I now have several new places we go to get lost in time. One of them happen to be my all time favorite place, the happiest place on earth. You've guessed it! It is behold, Disneyland! Ah-Ma ( grandma in Chinese) lives 20 minutes from Disneyland, so we go visit Ah-Ma and we go visit Mickey, Minnie, all the princesses and fairies at Disneyland.

1 stone and many many birds.
  • Bird #1- When we leave, Steve has the whole house to himself. Quiet place to study, so he doesn't have to be in the library all day. No distractions at home
  • Bird #2 - I love Disneyland, I used to work there as ______ ( not gonna ruin the magic for you :)
  • Bird #3 - It's a safe place for Sophie to expel her unlimited (seems that way) energy
  • Bird #4 - I go visit my spontaneous mother, and she makes awesome food, AND she takes us out to eat the real Chinese food. None of those none sense Americanized over fried orange chickens.No offense to Panda Express
  • Bird #5 - Sophie picks up more Chinese at my mom's house, because that's all we speak. She counted to 19 in Chinese all by herself after we visited my mom last time. Now she can count up to 25.

I think I started to like California Adventure more than Disneyland, because it's always less crowded. Lines are always shorter, rides are newer, and Sophie actually gets to spend time with her favorite characters, AKA Phineas and Ferb. Oh, just to throw in there, I rode the Little Mermaid ride back-to-back 4 times with Sophie within 20 minutes. We had to stop because the ride actually closed, else Sophie would keep on going. In 3 days, we were on that ride more than 15 times.

my little tea cup spinner.

Watching the Stage Aladdin show with my baby girl

Sophie is trained to raise her arms and scream when we are on rides now.

I've been taking more pictures for a friend, and helping her edit some of her photos. It helps me sharpen the things I've learned about photo editing and photography in general. It is fun, and gives me new challenges to take on.  I wouldn't call myself a professional photographer, or even an anmature photographer. How about just a mom with a passion to capture beautiful images?
These are my favorite shots.

This is my friend Stephanie, isn't she one of the most beautiful moms? I am obsessed with her eye make up!

I was going to have more recaps, but I think I'll stop here and say... I look forward to the last day of Steve's first year of law school. I am grateful that he has made it manageable for me.

People always ask me on FB if I am just playing every day, because they see my photos at the Zoo, Sea World and at Disneyland. People, I do what works for me. I need to keep myself happy and sane to go through law school with my husband. My outlet, Disneyland. The zoo is literally 2 minute drive from my house; its like the park down the street for you, except I've got cool animals in mine, and it's  slightly larger park than usual.

What I don't post is the boring stuff like laundry, dishes, crying emotional Sophie,  popcorn being stomped to tiny pieces by Sophie, upset mommy, Sophie caught HFMD from church, REALLY pissed off mommy because she caught HFMD from church nursery too and felt like sh!t and totally in pain, stressed out Steve with bloodshot eyes. No one wants to read about these boring stuff, but they do exist, I promise.

I finally figured out how to make chevron pattern on my illustrator tonight! I felt like a champ! Hopefully I'll photograph more, design more, read more and whatever more that makes me sane and happy.

ta da.