Thursday, April 30, 2009

Asians & their eye feddish

Growing up, my mom always had a pack of eye lip tapes in her make up station. My mom always gave me the impression that my eyes are ugly, cuz they are single layered. She had natural double layered eyelids that most asians looooooove to have. When she's not around, I always take some out, and tape it on my eye lids. So, I would have double eye lids like my moms. Enough said, I looked like I had two little band-aid on my eyelids.

Most American don't notice this, but asians only have one layer of eyelids. Most asians want double eyelids... it's concieved as pretty. I guess the bigger your eyes are, the prettier you are? I do i have to say.. i like my almond shape eyes alot.

Do you see the difference between before and after? The single eyelid and the "after" double eyelids? It's insane what asian women do to have the face, eye shape and hair color of a caucasian woman.

There are even tapes for your face to make your face look slimmer, longer like a caucasian. Asians tend to have more round and squared face like mine. So what? it's fabulous!

LOVE IT and embrace it people!

Oh, if you are interested in what asians do to their face... check out this site

ESPN, sports... what?

My husband woke up one morning by the question from me, " If a player is drafted to Chargers team, can Chargers immediately trade him for someone else"I was never into sports, until Steve came into my life. I remember watching NCAA for couple weeks with him every night when we were still dating. Last week, we went to both Lakers v.s Jazz basketball game, and I rather enjoy cheering for the Lakers. We both wore our Lakers shirt, and I even had yellow glasses on.

We sat in a section with many Lakers' fan, and some of them had sambrarro (sp?) and panchos on. The Lakers did not let us down on Saturday, we were able to shout "Go Lakers" and the famous "We Want TACOS!!" I guess one of the sports writer could hear us chanting " Utah sucks" over the TV.

Steve is quite happy for the football draft question that woke him, and he is looking forward for more of those surprise sports questions from me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2:30 AM mouse catching!

"Honey...." Very soft spoken, "Ferb is out of his cage. I blocked off the kitchen, but i don't know where he went"

My face was buried in the pillow, and probably drooling. I managed to open my eyes, and Steve was next to me.

"Where did Ferb go?" I asked
"I don't know. I felt asleep on the couch, and thought I was dreaming seeing him." Steve went on, "He was right in front of the vent staring at me, and scratching he's balls."
"He what?"
"I wanted to make sure that I wasn't dreaming, and went to check his cage, and he wasn't in his house"
"I'll catch him tomorrow morning, he's not going anywhere"

Then I thought, Ferb could be anywere. I probably should catch him now. I walk out to the living room with my flash light. Seems like Steve was trying to catch that little bugger with my baby blue Martha Stewart mixing bowl already. But was without success.

I check the usual spot, under the couch. No luck there. I went to Steves room, looked every where,,,,, till i saw this light brown spot moving behind the bins in the closet. I sectioned off the place, make sure that he is not going any where. I told Steve i found him, and he got out of the bed, and came help me move the bins. Robo hamsters are wicked fast, but i cupped it with my hand.

Ferb is back in his cage, and we found out that he could stand on his house and squeez himself out of the cage. So, i put my bobby pins accross it like # so the little bugger won't come out. Then i put some cereal cardboard over it.

This happened on monday, and my sleep cycle is still off. All for the little robo hamster, Ferb.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) - Piano/Cello - by Jon Schmidt

My two favorite songs together, on my two very favorite instruments! Thanks to Marie who shared the link with me!!!