Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy First Birthday Miss Sophie

We had a party for Sophie, and lots of close friends and family came! We celebrated the birthday of one of the most friendly, and most loving little girl.
Happy birthday sweet baby girl!!

Traditionally, the Chinese family will have a huge party when their baby turns one. Everyone will gather around and have dinner. The parents, grandparents, friends and family will bring gold, red envelopes (yes, like the ones in Chinese new year) and other gifts to the 1 year old who's having the birthday. The gold usually come in different shapes and size, and each will mean something cool. The parents of the birthday baby will give out red sweet bun that shapes like a turtle, and it'll usually have green bean or red bean paste in it. I can't remember what it all means, but usually it is related to bringing luck. (since it's red. Chinese believes that Red is the most lucky color) And I think the turtle represents living a long healthy live, since turtles lives for a long time. Oh, and turtles are also very wise. Not sure where that came from, but hey, sounds cool to me.

We had 抓周. It basically means grabbing the year one. So what happens is that we put down several items, and each item will represent an occupation. We put Sophie in the middle of the room, an whatever she picks, it'll be her future career per se. All in all, it's just keeping up with my Chinese heritage, and it was just fun. Sophie picked the hair brush, which represents a career in hair styling. Whatever she picks, we'll support. 

Sophie doing 抓周  picking her future career.

So, instead of having the super traditional Chinese 1 year old party, I decided to make mini cupcakes and crepes. Not to say that I don't like making Chinese food, it's just that it takes a long time to make Chinese food, and I kinda like the idea of my house smelling like awesome cupcakes and crepes. The strawberry cupcakes were a hit, everybody commented on the frosting being delish. I gotta brag about it, cuz i am kinda proud of making such fresh tasting strawberry frosting. We can't have cupcakes without chocolate frosting either, so i switched up the recipe, and kinda whip up one with my own twist. The secret ingredient is coffee extract, it brings out the flavor of the chocolate in cakes, cookies, and of course frosting!

Sophie and her favorite Jeff
 oh, when Jeff opened the door, Sophie jumped up and ran towards Jeff and wanted him to pick her up. It was super cute.

Mary and Tina came too!!

Everyone watching Sophie choose her future career

this is how she opens her presents. She stands on it!

Grandma and grandpa got Sophie the crazy bug that makes lots of noise.

Thank you all that came! We are so lucky to have you with us, and thank you for letting us share this special 1st birthday with you.

Monday, November 21, 2011

All I want For Christmas -- Back fired

All I wanted for Christmas, is to have all of Sophie's teeth -- all at once.

Last night was challenging, little miss Sophie is growing 4 teeth all at once. They haven't cut through yet, so it's a bit painful for her.

Maybe I shouldn't have wished it sooo hard for all of her teeth all at once. I thought if they come all at once, then I'll be able to sleep. Can I take my wish back now?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goals for 2011

One of my goal for 2011 was to be able to do a head stand in yoga. Guess what?!?! I did it!!  now i am working on hand stand.

Set a goal, and work towards it, you'll be amazed what you can achieve. Don't under estimate you abilities.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello! From Miss Sophie

Hello everyone!

I'd like to say HI! to everyone, and let everybody know what's going on with me!

I have 4 little teeth, 2 on top, and 2 on the bottom.
I can run, and I run pretty fast, too
I love to giggle at my mommy and daddy's silly games.
I can give hugs, and wrap my arms around your neck.
I can wave goodbye, and blow kisses.
I like the rice thing my mommy makes for me, and I like to climb on my daddy's back.

My parents are kinda nuts sometimes, but I love snuggling with them.

My mommy likes to put funny wigs on me, I didn't mind too much, since it makes her smile. I thought I looked pretty good too.

My mommy likes to spoil me with awesome boots.... and clothes.

My mommy and daddy loves me very much!


Monday, October 31, 2011

Nu Busy

Hi Friends, or whoever reads my blog. Does anyone besides my husband read my blog anyway?

I used to think it's so cool to be able to travel for work, and stay in a hotel, and go to meetings. After last week, I have adjusted my thoughts on that. I think I like my own bed better. Although having someone make your bed every day seems like a really neat idea, but living out of the suitcases in the past week was quite exhausting.

Yet, I am here sitting in my hotel room... again. 2 more freaking days till the meeting/trainings over. Sophie and Steve left this morning. Sophie is much happier when she is home sleeping in her own bed. She is so comfortable that she had pooped 5 times today.

I can't wait to get home tomorrow, and sleep in my own bed. I don't care if I have to drive up the the meeting again on wednesday... I need to be with my babies.

Here is a photo with the people that I work with. We all worked our @$$ off for the convention, and we are so glad it's over.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16 2011

One of my friend was out of town, and needed someone to help conduct the music during the sacrament meeting. I volunteered! I think this is the first time we ever sat in the pew in this ward. We have a baby, so in the past 10 months, we've been sitting in the back of the chapel, try not to disturb other people. Sophie was doing pretty good in one of the front pew with Steve. I think we are ready to sit in the pews now. We can have the whole section to ourselves, and Sophie has more room to roam. Except when she sneak past my legs, and started running away. Not kidding, she runs! Let me stress this again, she is 10 months old.

Sophie made new friends quickly with an older couple sitting behind us. She gives the sweetest smiles, and jabbers with the cutest little voice. She even tried to give the old man her favorite bincky (passie).

One of the talks today was about being parents, and that we have the duty to lead and guide our children with righteousness. Every family is different, and the way each set of parents teaches in different ways. I can't remember the exact quote, but the speaker made the connection of hiking on a trail and ending up at the same place. When you are on the trail with a group of people, you'll see different sets of foot print on the ground. Each is unique, and no one took the same steps. Some walked on the mud, some walked on the grass, some stepped on the stone but all were going to the same destination.

I really liked that quote, i should ask her for it. Just hearing some one saying that out loud made me realzed that I am not doing anything wrong with the way I raise my baby and the way I run my family. It works for us, and this is who we are. It's okay to be different than other people, and it is so nice to hear someone say that. We don't have to do everything the same as other people, there's no specific "have-to's". I do however, would like a copy of the family proclamation hang up in my house. That's on my to-do list now.

The simplest thing will make life easier. It will work, and it will always work. When we are lazy and not read our scriptures or prayers, crap happens.

Still a lot to learn in life. I am glad there's  Yoga class and Milka chocolate to get me through!

p.s. I have accomplished my 2011 goal!! I can do a head stand! Next goal, the head stand without someone spotting/using the wall.

Friday, September 30, 2011

2 Angels

Grandpa Brewerton was asking for my conversion story. Here it is.

Two Angels

Moving to the United States was one of the most exciting changes in my life; everything is so new and foreign. I was excited to learn the new language, and make new friends. I never expect things would happen the way they did, but everything happened for a reason. Now I know that some changes are good, and I am grateful for the life and spiritual experiences.

I remember it was May of 1997; the afternoon was beautiful in Southern California. All the leaves and flowers are blooming outside. We had been in the U.S. for about five months at this point, and life hasn’t been easy.  It was such a hard adjustment, and the language barrier made it even harder.

My mother grew up as a Christian, so were my mother’s parents. I recall the stories my mother would tell me, about the her experiences at Mount Olive Camp in Taiwan. She had so much fun singing all the youth hymns, and learned much of our savior Jesus Christ. She wanted me to have the same experience, and get to know our savior. So, she would sing me songs about angels, and taught me how to pray. 

When I was a small child, my mother would tell me to say my prayers every night, so I can one day become a sweet angel. I listened to her, and I would kneel by my bed and ask God for a pair of angel wings.

On this particular afternoon, my mother seemed exhausted. My father decided to leave us shortly after we moved to the US, so there is only my mother, my brother, and me. My mother called us in to the kitchen, and asked my brother and me to kneel down with her for a prayer. The kitchen had a 1970 mustard color linoleum floor, and we did what our mother asked us to do. I was 12, and Kevin was 5. We held hands as our mother commence her prayer.

I don’t remember the exact words, but I recalled that she asked God for two angels.  Not just one angel, but we needed two angels to help us. 

The next afternoon, someone knocked on our doors. My mom opened the door, and she gasped “Angels!” I was a little confused to why she said that, until I came to the door. Two very tall Caucasian guys wearing white shirts, with golden blond hair and blue eyes were standing in front of our house.  The afternoon sunlight happened to hit their hair, and made them look like they had halos. They looked just like the angels in the movies! The only thing they did not have was the huge white wings on their backs. 

These two guys introduced themselves as “Elders” from The Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-day Saints, and they’d like she share the gospel of Jesus Christ with us. My mom was so happy and shocked at the same time, but our English wasn’t good enough to communicate with them. Also that they are actually Spanish speaking missionary doesn’t help either. They did somehow managed to tell us (in Chinese, which they memorized) that they have friends that can speak Chinese, and if they could come visit us tomorrow. We said “YES!”

As they promised, Elder Chase and Elder Webb came by the next day. We had discussions, and learned all the lessons. We were baptized couple weeks later. My mother was able to go to the L.A. temple a year later, and Elder Webb whom baptized us was able to go with her. Elder Webb was also there when my mother and I received our patriarchal blessing. He had such a tender soul, and gets teary very easily.

My mother was remarried in 2003, and our family was sealed together in the Salt Lake Temple in 2005. Elder Webb and his wife were able to attend our sealing, and it was a fabulous experience.
3 short years later, I am also married in the San Diego temple to my sweetheart, and we now have the cutest little baby girl. I am so grateful for the gospel, and the blessing s it brings us. 

God answered my mother’s prayer, and he sent his angels to us. We are so grateful for the “angels” all over the world that are serving the mission. Without the missionaries, we would never be able to have all the things we know right now. Our lives would be so different, and not as fulfilling.
I am grateful for the missionaries, and families that support them to serve a mission.  Thank you all so much for your sacrifice!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

catch up for the past couple months

  • Sophie is 9 moths, and she walks!
  • I got a job back at my old department at Nu Skin, while Steve plays for a while.
  • Food storage was awesome when we were unemployed.  ( DO IT!! have a food storage!!)
  • My crazy habit of saving money here, and there is sooo rediculously crazy. I felt like a chipmunk saving nuts for winter. But it's fabulous! you never know when you'll need it.
  • It was a very humbling experience that we qualified for government aids. ( I never wanted to be helped by anyone, and having to use government aid made me feel ashamed that I wasn't self sufficient.)
  • Over all, it was a good experience to have. I've learned that it is okay to receive help from other people. My bishop said, " It gives other people a chance to serve you, and receive blessings"
  • Steve found out that babies are in a better mood if you feed them enough food, and water.
  • Steve realized how much I do in the house after being a stay-home dad.
  • Steve and I appreciate and love each other more as we journey this experience. 
  • I am far from perfect, and I am very prideful. ( In the sense that I want to do everything myself.)
  • Steve was able to snuggle with Sophie more. I love seeing her snuggle with him, and watch football on TV
  • I've learned that it doesn't matter what other people do, say or  have. It matters what Steve and I do, say and have together. Other people's opinion don't matter. It's our life, and it's our journey. No one knows how to live our lives better than ourselves. What worked for others might not work for us, and what work for us might not work for others. To each their own. 
  • I am grateful for the gospel, and know that family is forever. I think about my aunt who passed away earlier this year from cancer all the time, and I think of our friend Danny and his surviving family often. 
  • I have a great husband who loves me, and tolerate my every imperfection.
  • I have a funny and happy baby who gives me hugs and licks my face... and sometimes falls asleep on my face with her tiny body across my face, in my bed.
  • I am grateful to all that I have.
  • I am grateful to have the opportunity to go to college and further my education, and grateful for times like this, that I could go back to work and support my family. 
  • oh, and Sophie says:
    • dada
    • nei nei (boobs/milk in chinese)
    • MA!!!!!
    • Ah!!!!
Here are some videos of Sophie in the past couple months.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We were in the biggest sand storm in Arizona last week

While this was happening

We were sitting in Olive Garden having family dinner.

Apparently it was one of the biggest sand storm in the history of Arizona, and we were so lucky to experience such great event. Not~ Everything was covered in dirt, and the pool was gross the next day. The hotel had to close the lazy river for a day to clean it. Nonetheless, it was really fun to see what happeneds inside of a sand storm. Although I am still hating on that idiot who kept on opening the door to see the outside, while everyone still trying to eat inside of the restaurant.

It was so fun to see everyone, and being in a such wonderful resort. It was really hot, but I kinda got used to it. Most of the time we were in the pool anyway, so it wasn't all that bad.

We hung out with the fam for the week. This is what we did mostly. 

Sophie wasn't sure about everyone at first, but she warmed up quickly.

Sophie looks super cute in her swimming outfit

She just wants to jump in all the time. She's such a water baby and loves swimming.

love when they hug =^.^=

Monday, June 13, 2011

back the scene photo shoot

Mommy and I have many random photo shoots throughout the day. Here is what is really happening before she produce a decent photo of me. Hey ! I am cute, and I am the first baby. Mommy just likes to put me on her bed and take photos.

In between mommy trying to figure out her ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and whatever else she needs to work on... and still need to figure out... This is what I go through each photo shoot with mommy.

aperture too small
mommy accidentally used the flash...

I smiled, but mommy suck at framing the photo on time

I thought it was really funny that she got so frustrated with her camera

I moved so much that my head band is falling down

OKAY~!!!!! Now it's on my face! Are we done yet????

Mommy put the head band back, and I was trying to grab the camera to show her how it works.

Total melt down. Okay, we are done. 
My mommy takes a lot of effort to take good photos, but I just want to show you what it takes to get to that one good photo.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Provo Gallery Stroll

When an event is free and fun, we are there ! I had some fun taking photos, and who knows when I'll actually sit down and edit these photos.... so I have decided to just upload them. Better than no photos at all.

Steve wants this car

Waite.... There is not a single picture of me in this!!! Babe, It's your turn to take photos!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I looked like a tard, but SHE is pretty funny

The funny word of the day--Bah~!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grateful for these things

Life is funny sometimes, and we have no idea what God has planned for us. I know if we just keep on doing what we are suppose to do and follow his commandments, He will bless us and help us get through whatever hardship we might have.

I am grateful for:
1. My God
2. My hard working husband
3. My Baby girl who has so much personality

4. A roof over my head
5. A place to have hot showers
6. Nice set of sheets ( people, buy high thread count sheets, they last longer, and it feels sooo nice to sleep in them)
7. My ability to be able to find whatever ingredients I have in my house and make a meal out of it. ( i.e. Bacon, eggs, onion + spaghetti = Spaghetti carbonara )
8. WIC
9. A chance to serve others and still feel that I am some what useful and contributing to the society
10. Finding humor in daily events

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Korean Family

My bishop asked me if I could help out this new family that just moved to the US about a month ago, and befriend them. I said, "sure! no problem". The catch is that they don't speak much English. For some reason my bishop thought Chinese and Korean are similar language. Until I informed him that it is two separate languages.

This cute little Korean family consisted of the mom, we just called her Sis. So, and her 3 kids. I baked some chocolate chip cookies and went over to give it to them. They were so happy to just have someone come over to their house! The kids were all so excited. The next day, the mom and the 3 kids came over and brought Korean meat patty for us. It was awesome.

We got to know them a little better when they were over. Given the language barrier, we were still able to understand each other with tremendous amount of body language, and google translator =^.^= The oldest daughter actually can communicate quite well in English, so that helps alot too.

This Korean family reminded me a lot of my family when we first moved to the US. It was very nice to have friends. I remember feeling unwanted and lonely when I first got to America, and i don't want them to feel what I felt years ago.

1997, I was 12

On the following Sunday, sister So bore her testimony. She google translated what she was going to say, and print it off. At the end of her testimony, she said that she's so grateful for friends, and heavenly father sent her angels to be her friends. "...sopie family is out angel..." She was looking for us on the podium. It was so sweet of her.

Given our current circumstance, it is quite nice to know that we can still help out other people. When we are serving other people, we forget about our own troubles.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy 5 Months

Sophie can sit up now! She can roll herself to wherever she rolls herself to... usually to the TV and she likes to get into the DVDs. She can grab things and put them in her mouth. . She likes to say " ahhhh" when she wakes up. She is very energetic. (i.e. LOUD) Most of all, she's a mama's girl. She likes to cuddle with her mama, and letting mama read to her. Surprisingly, she really likes books. She quiets down, and listen =^.^= We need to get more books from the library for her.

She is growing up so quickly. We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Happy baby

The Bee Onesie is from "bailey baby design"

tries to grab the camera