Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Few days alone

Steve and Sophie went down to San Diego to attend Nick's farewell in the past weekend. I didn't go, because, 1. I don't have money to go 2. I have to work. 3. It doesn't make sense for me to skip work, and have to pay for the plane ticket. I was exhausted from the previous week. I was ready to have a couple days to myself and re-charge my battery--aka, sleep.

Earlier in the week, Steve decided to eat a bag of almonds that he found in his backpack. The last time I bought almonds was April of 2011. The almonds were just in a regular sandwich bad, and it sat in his backpack for who knows how long. Needless to say the temperature change makes any food go bad. Apparently that wasn't his concern, he was hungry.

Long story short, I woke up to a puking husband. Puking baby, ok, it's little, easy to clean up. Puking adult! Ew! It was loud, and he couldn't control how loud he vomits. I didn't sleep that night, and I didn't go to work the next day.

Sophie has been growing 3 little teeth all at once, and I've been waking up couple times a night. Still, i manage to look some what decent and show up at work the next day. Hey, someone's got to bring home the dough right?

By Friday, all I could think about is my weekend by myself. After dropping off the big baby and the little baby at the airport and sent them off to San Diego, I went home and cleaned the house. Then went to the most blissful thing a physically, and emotionally exhausted girl could ask for--90 min massage!

I didn't want it to end at all, but all things must have an end. My massage therapist said my energy is almost none to existence, and she did some energy work on me to make me feel better. I went home and took a long bath in the clean quiet house. My gosh, this is all I need to feel better. Just a nice break, massage, reiki, essential oil, and a nice bath. I've already starting to feel better in mid bath.

Naked time is a must when you are alone. For those of you know me knows my opinion on clothes--why wear anything when you can be naked? So free! A robe is all you need!

I was still tired, but starting to feel my energy to come back, and little more like myself. For some reason I loose myself in the midst of being a mom, a wife, and a Marketing Specialist. I try to do yoga twice a week to keep my zen... oh yoga. How I am going to live without you.

Dinner time comes, and I was super hungry. I couldn't decide if I want to go out and buy something to eat, or just make what I have in the house. I was short on a couple things, so I went grocery shopping. Came home, and I make a Garlic shrimp, tomato, butter, onion, and lemon zest angel hair for myself. It was the best decision I could ever made that night. Way better choice than a breakfast burrito.

I took some Tylenol PM to ease the soreness from the deep tissue massage, and to ensure that I sleep through the night. Since my body is so used to getting up in the middle of the night to feed Sophie. Woke up at 4AM still, but went back to sleep till 9:30am!!!

pure bliss~!!

Oh what sleep can do for you. My skin even seems happier :) 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stationery card

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Plan your work, and work your plan

I am sorry. But please do not call me the day of and ask me if I could attend this emergency last minute meeting at 4:30pm. This is twice in a row! I work full-time to support my family; I am a mother, and a wife. I go to work at 8:30 in the morning, and sometimes I don't get home till 6PM. I hope you can understand why I kindly declined your invitation to a church meeting at 4:30pm today. Not everyone is a stay home mom.

"Unless we set goals, we risk roaming through life without ever really accomplishing anything meaningful. It can be easy to get caught up in the pace of life and the immediacy of issues and never really plan our lives." ~Boyd K. Packard