Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy First Birthday Miss Sophie

We had a party for Sophie, and lots of close friends and family came! We celebrated the birthday of one of the most friendly, and most loving little girl.
Happy birthday sweet baby girl!!

Traditionally, the Chinese family will have a huge party when their baby turns one. Everyone will gather around and have dinner. The parents, grandparents, friends and family will bring gold, red envelopes (yes, like the ones in Chinese new year) and other gifts to the 1 year old who's having the birthday. The gold usually come in different shapes and size, and each will mean something cool. The parents of the birthday baby will give out red sweet bun that shapes like a turtle, and it'll usually have green bean or red bean paste in it. I can't remember what it all means, but usually it is related to bringing luck. (since it's red. Chinese believes that Red is the most lucky color) And I think the turtle represents living a long healthy live, since turtles lives for a long time. Oh, and turtles are also very wise. Not sure where that came from, but hey, sounds cool to me.

We had 抓周. It basically means grabbing the year one. So what happens is that we put down several items, and each item will represent an occupation. We put Sophie in the middle of the room, an whatever she picks, it'll be her future career per se. All in all, it's just keeping up with my Chinese heritage, and it was just fun. Sophie picked the hair brush, which represents a career in hair styling. Whatever she picks, we'll support. 

Sophie doing 抓周  picking her future career.

So, instead of having the super traditional Chinese 1 year old party, I decided to make mini cupcakes and crepes. Not to say that I don't like making Chinese food, it's just that it takes a long time to make Chinese food, and I kinda like the idea of my house smelling like awesome cupcakes and crepes. The strawberry cupcakes were a hit, everybody commented on the frosting being delish. I gotta brag about it, cuz i am kinda proud of making such fresh tasting strawberry frosting. We can't have cupcakes without chocolate frosting either, so i switched up the recipe, and kinda whip up one with my own twist. The secret ingredient is coffee extract, it brings out the flavor of the chocolate in cakes, cookies, and of course frosting!

Sophie and her favorite Jeff
 oh, when Jeff opened the door, Sophie jumped up and ran towards Jeff and wanted him to pick her up. It was super cute.

Mary and Tina came too!!

Everyone watching Sophie choose her future career

this is how she opens her presents. She stands on it!

Grandma and grandpa got Sophie the crazy bug that makes lots of noise.

Thank you all that came! We are so lucky to have you with us, and thank you for letting us share this special 1st birthday with you.