Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pennyroyal Cafe

Hilary invited me to go to Pannyroyal with her today. It was one of the the most awesome place that I've come accros in Provo. This cafe is located in the center of downtown Provo, in an old building. Th atmosphere is totally not provo, when you are in there, it's like you are in a different place.

The menu is very simple, yummy soup, salad and paninis~!! The furnitures in there are ventage, nothing is the same. however they all mash together pretty well. The cafe has a basement reminded me alot of the catacomb in France, it kinda looks like a dungeon in the old time where people get tortured. Arts are hung on the bare brick walls, and the air tubes are visible.

anyway.... if you are around Provo, you should check it out!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pain In the Neck

Car accident with whiplash, then working at Disneyland as a character with the heavy Chip n' Dale head on top of my own head didn't help the healing process. Five years after the accident, my neck still hurts once in a while. More like once every month, since i go to chiropractor to get it adjusted, and a massage to relief the pain. I am so glad that I have these resources; even though my chiropractor and massage therapist charge me a pretty reasonable and affordable price, it can still add up and get expensive if I have to go too much.

I wish everyone can live pain free this life, I am only 24, and my neck is already jacked up. I have noticed that i have more frequent pain because of my weight gain. Now, THAT, is a great motivation to exercise and loose weight. Not to have a wash board tummy, but to lessen the weight on my shoulder and back.... and just feel great. oh gosh, I just love those creamy milk chocolate so much.

This site has awesome information from fitness to how to prevent injuries. Yoga is my favorite, it's in slow motion, it helps to strengthen and stretch. Everyone should incorporate yoga into their lives. Especially those of us who has a desk job.... and those like me who doesn't like to run.

This is a cool chiropractic tool. Everyone should own one, and know how to use it too.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let pug lick your screen clean

I was walking towards someone else cube today, and they had a little cute pug licking the screen as their screen saver. For those who loves pugs, I think you'd enjoy this.

follow the link, and you can download according to your computer type. PC or Mac. you also have choices of other kinds of dogs.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


We are in a ward (Church) where there are alot of newly weds, and new babies. During the sacrament there are always so many interesting happening around us.

Steve came back from the bathroom, and told me about the juice incident ... i'll let him tell the story..

They had just cleaned the toilets so the water inside the bowl was bright blue. While I was doing my business, a dad brought his little kid in to go to the bathroom. The dad was by the sink and told the kid to go into the stall and when the kid opened the door, he ran towards the toilet and yelled, "OOOOOHHHHH JUICE!!!". I am pretty sure he would have drank straight from the toilet if his dad had not sprinted over to grab him. It was really funny.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I have never thought i'd be so addicted to a TV show. Steve and I have been watching House M.D. on DVD every night, and have become more medical savvy with all the diagnoses that House and his team come up with in each episode.

" We need to do a lum-bah punct-shah" .. love the accent from Chase

I know, we are so weird huh.