Friday, July 18, 2008

every 3 weeks

The Current gas price is just amazingly high. I guess for people like Steve who is into economics always, if not most of the time, base their thinking and action around money. He mentioned if we see each other every 3 weeks instead of every 2 weeks, we'll save $500 by the time we are married.

I think i am getting better with being away from him. I still get to talk to him every day. I tried to occupy my time with fun stuff, and enjoying the along time I have. I guess once I am married, probably won't have times like this anymore.

"Twilight" is a very interesting book my roommate Megan introduced me to. I have finished the whole serie, which is 3 books. I couldn't put it down. you could click here to see the trailer. i fell in love with the book, and how Edward is so perfect. we all know there is no such man exist in the world. but it's fun to imagine. Bella, a very average girl, but Edward waited 100 years for... amazing

life has been interesting, yoga classes kicks my butt. all the of the sudden i think Le Tour France is amazingly interesting. don't know why. but those guys inspire me for riding that long on bikes. guys and their tight little bike shorts... haha.. like Greg. little american white boys legs.