Wednesday, June 30, 2010

18 weeks and sick again

Isn't it wonderful? My nose is once again stuffed, runny like there's no end, and waking up every 2 hours to go pee and cough attacks aren't the best combination. When you live with someone, - like my husband- even if i sent him to his men cave when he is sick... it doesn't work. I still got sick. The AC circulates the air throughout out little 2 bedroom apartment. I guess my immune system is just really weak right now.

Tic Tac is 18 weeks right now, I can't really suck in my stomach any more. I can kind of see my feet when i am standing straight. Oh, and I totally got curves now; just on my front side.

I'll blog more when I feel better.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

17 weeks

It has been a busy week, or month I'd say. I loved being in a play and I am having so much fun doing it, but I am also glad this Saturday is our last show. I am a bit tired as you can see. Grandma and grandpa came watch the show, and it totally made my day =^.^=

During the first scene, I was with 6 other girls holding a 1950's phone on our hand showing our super sad face for missing an important phone call. All of the sudden, I heard from the audience, " Oh~ Jenn...". I knew it was grandma, and I almost lost my character and busted out laughing.  I guess my facial expression caught her attention.

I had a baby doctor visit last week, I heard the baby's heart beat again. It was very comforting. The doctor said everything looks fine, but he also mentioned that since it's my first baby and my body size, my stomach doesn't look as big as other pregnant women that are on the same week. I am totally okay with that.I can hide my baby bump with my flowy dresses, but when I wear more fitted t-shirts, you can totally tell the bump is there.

We find out the gender of the baby on 7/14... any guesses?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

16 weeks

We bought a crib that was listed on KSL for only $75, and we went to check out the crib, it turned out to be in an awesome shape. Yeah, it has a little crack on the side, but it's doesn't look like it will snap in half. (knock on woods) We are moving next month to a bigger place, so we can prepare for the arrival of our little Tic Tac.

Steve was so cute when he was putting together the crib. My brother Kevin was over, and both Kevin and I offered a helping hand to Steve. But he was so cute, he said " No, I got it", and he just wanted to put the crib together all by himself. Maybe he is planning to tell out Tic Tac in later years the following..." Oh yeah, I single handed putting together your crib before you were born". Maybe it's a daddy to be thing? They have to put the heavy stuff together on their own. I am actually okay with that, my lower back has been a little tender, and it hurts a little when i lift things (Which i probably shouldn't have lifted anyway).

Tomorrow is our 16 week check up, and I am really excited. Although the doctors around here (Provo) doesn't do the ultrasound to let you know the gender of your child till you are in your 20th week. We could go to Southtown Mall and pay someone to find out. But if my insurance is paying for the ultrasound in 20weeks, hey, why not. It's only 4 more weeks away. I really don't care what gender is the baby, as long as they are healthy and happy.

I have been craving for a lot of fruit. Last night Steve bought some really yummy grapes. You know one of those are are firm, juicy and sweet. There were 3 bunches in the bag, I just finished the second bunch. Hey, at least the things i am craving is healthy right?

 oh yeah, I have Chloe's photo all over my desk at work. =^.^= she's a cutie.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

15 weeks and more

I am currently 15 weeks, I can't feel baby kicking yet. But I know where the baby is, cuz there is a hard spot on my tummy. Sometimes it's a little uncomfortable, because Tic Tac presses on my bladder. Joy of pregnancy. I am finally over my nausea, 90% of the time. Sometimes it still creeps back at night time, or when I eat something too oily. Just when I thought I could enjoy that awesome In-N-Out burger, I feel nauseous afterward. My jeans are too tight for me to wear, and I really like how the maternity jeans feel. They are stretchy, and there is a waist band that goes over my tummy. Oh, My tummy changes size every day, depends on how bloated I am. LOL. Sorry, kinda gross huh.

 ( my lopsided tummy)

I am also in a musical/play currently in Springville Playhouse in Utah. The show is super cute and fun. I love working with all the casts, and it is so nice to work with people who has the same value as you. We start each rehearsal and show with a prayer. People are so nice, and just so helpful. No gossip or cat fights like when I was in high school.

Anyway, fun times. I will add more photos later.

Photos here

( Josh and Me in our cha-cha outfit)
I kind of feel bad for Josh, cuz he is only 17, and he has the pressure of not to drop the pregnant girl during the dance. 

(Me, Lori, and Jen)
We don't know how to have normal faces for photos.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fury pug?

Can someone tell me what breed is this?
Shitzu and Pug?