Tuesday, June 15, 2010

16 weeks

We bought a crib that was listed on KSL for only $75, and we went to check out the crib, it turned out to be in an awesome shape. Yeah, it has a little crack on the side, but it's doesn't look like it will snap in half. (knock on woods) We are moving next month to a bigger place, so we can prepare for the arrival of our little Tic Tac.

Steve was so cute when he was putting together the crib. My brother Kevin was over, and both Kevin and I offered a helping hand to Steve. But he was so cute, he said " No, I got it", and he just wanted to put the crib together all by himself. Maybe he is planning to tell out Tic Tac in later years the following..." Oh yeah, I single handed putting together your crib before you were born". Maybe it's a daddy to be thing? They have to put the heavy stuff together on their own. I am actually okay with that, my lower back has been a little tender, and it hurts a little when i lift things (Which i probably shouldn't have lifted anyway).

Tomorrow is our 16 week check up, and I am really excited. Although the doctors around here (Provo) doesn't do the ultrasound to let you know the gender of your child till you are in your 20th week. We could go to Southtown Mall and pay someone to find out. But if my insurance is paying for the ultrasound in 20weeks, hey, why not. It's only 4 more weeks away. I really don't care what gender is the baby, as long as they are healthy and happy.

I have been craving for a lot of fruit. Last night Steve bought some really yummy grapes. You know one of those are are firm, juicy and sweet. There were 3 bunches in the bag, I just finished the second bunch. Hey, at least the things i am craving is healthy right?

 oh yeah, I have Chloe's photo all over my desk at work. =^.^= she's a cutie.

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Josh & Stefanie said...

Fruit was my favorite thing while pregnant too, so yummy! and it is so fun to see when your husband starts to get into daddy mode! Oh and I love all the Chloe pictures, what a proud auntie, love you!