Tuesday, June 8, 2010

15 weeks and more

I am currently 15 weeks, I can't feel baby kicking yet. But I know where the baby is, cuz there is a hard spot on my tummy. Sometimes it's a little uncomfortable, because Tic Tac presses on my bladder. Joy of pregnancy. I am finally over my nausea, 90% of the time. Sometimes it still creeps back at night time, or when I eat something too oily. Just when I thought I could enjoy that awesome In-N-Out burger, I feel nauseous afterward. My jeans are too tight for me to wear, and I really like how the maternity jeans feel. They are stretchy, and there is a waist band that goes over my tummy. Oh, My tummy changes size every day, depends on how bloated I am. LOL. Sorry, kinda gross huh.

 ( my lopsided tummy)

I am also in a musical/play currently in Springville Playhouse in Utah. The show is super cute and fun. I love working with all the casts, and it is so nice to work with people who has the same value as you. We start each rehearsal and show with a prayer. People are so nice, and just so helpful. No gossip or cat fights like when I was in high school.

Anyway, fun times. I will add more photos later.

Photos here

( Josh and Me in our cha-cha outfit)
I kind of feel bad for Josh, cuz he is only 17, and he has the pressure of not to drop the pregnant girl during the dance. 

(Me, Lori, and Jen)
We don't know how to have normal faces for photos.


Josh & Stefanie said...

Aww look at that belly! It's fun when you start to look pregnant...by the end it's not so fun. I'm glad you are starting to feel better though! Love you!

Sassy Sarah said...

You look cute pregnant! Thanks for the update. I'm glad that you're feeling better and enjoying being involved in the musical. Break a leg! :)

San Ba Po said...

Thanks gals. I love you guys too~!!