Wednesday, June 11, 2008

it just happeneds to be 5 hours

i have a meeting today from 12-5. YAY. it is a strategy planning meeting that i have at work. I don't need to present anything. but since i have to put together all their plans in a power point and updated it. i guess it's crucial that i sit in for the meeting.

so i was going through my outlook and checking my calendar, making sure i know all the meetings that i need to go to in the near future. You know, just those regular meetings that i need to go to. and then i came across August 2nd. I got a little sad, cuz i was suppose to get married on that day. but now it's december. Which is fine... i am still trying to work out my inner peace with it. December is fine. Look at all the benefits. 1. i don't have to move to the hell hole of Rexburg anymore. 2. i get to keep my job, meaning financial stability. 3. Steve graduates, so we can enjoy our first 8 months of marriage without school. YAY. 4. we'll have save a little more money and pay off our debts by December. YAY. So it's not too bad if i keep on looking at these awesome benefits. It just has been strangely difficult to function without Steve. wish he's here with me.

wedding plan is coming along, and i have decided that i don't want that much flowers. I only want my flower, the flower at the sign-in table,food table, and my eating table. Think of it, maybe i'll scrap the sign in table and just decorate it with our pictures. the whole place will be decorated with big pictures. i'll spend $60 bucks to make big pix from costco. Maybe i'll have Josh help me to do it.

this morning i had a dream that i was in Taiwan, and i was so excited in my dream. cuz i wanted to find " 菜 粽 “ but for some odd reason, they didn't have it. and the person who's in charge of the cash register speaks English. weird. I really hope that Steve and I can go back to Taiwan next year. it'll be awesome!