Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grateful for these things

Life is funny sometimes, and we have no idea what God has planned for us. I know if we just keep on doing what we are suppose to do and follow his commandments, He will bless us and help us get through whatever hardship we might have.

I am grateful for:
1. My God
2. My hard working husband
3. My Baby girl who has so much personality

4. A roof over my head
5. A place to have hot showers
6. Nice set of sheets ( people, buy high thread count sheets, they last longer, and it feels sooo nice to sleep in them)
7. My ability to be able to find whatever ingredients I have in my house and make a meal out of it. ( i.e. Bacon, eggs, onion + spaghetti = Spaghetti carbonara )
8. WIC
9. A chance to serve others and still feel that I am some what useful and contributing to the society
10. Finding humor in daily events

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Korean Family

My bishop asked me if I could help out this new family that just moved to the US about a month ago, and befriend them. I said, "sure! no problem". The catch is that they don't speak much English. For some reason my bishop thought Chinese and Korean are similar language. Until I informed him that it is two separate languages.

This cute little Korean family consisted of the mom, we just called her Sis. So, and her 3 kids. I baked some chocolate chip cookies and went over to give it to them. They were so happy to just have someone come over to their house! The kids were all so excited. The next day, the mom and the 3 kids came over and brought Korean meat patty for us. It was awesome.

We got to know them a little better when they were over. Given the language barrier, we were still able to understand each other with tremendous amount of body language, and google translator =^.^= The oldest daughter actually can communicate quite well in English, so that helps alot too.

This Korean family reminded me a lot of my family when we first moved to the US. It was very nice to have friends. I remember feeling unwanted and lonely when I first got to America, and i don't want them to feel what I felt years ago.

1997, I was 12

On the following Sunday, sister So bore her testimony. She google translated what she was going to say, and print it off. At the end of her testimony, she said that she's so grateful for friends, and heavenly father sent her angels to be her friends. "...sopie family is out angel..." She was looking for us on the podium. It was so sweet of her.

Given our current circumstance, it is quite nice to know that we can still help out other people. When we are serving other people, we forget about our own troubles.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy 5 Months

Sophie can sit up now! She can roll herself to wherever she rolls herself to... usually to the TV and she likes to get into the DVDs. She can grab things and put them in her mouth. . She likes to say " ahhhh" when she wakes up. She is very energetic. (i.e. LOUD) Most of all, she's a mama's girl. She likes to cuddle with her mama, and letting mama read to her. Surprisingly, she really likes books. She quiets down, and listen =^.^= We need to get more books from the library for her.

She is growing up so quickly. We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Happy baby

The Bee Onesie is from "bailey baby design"

tries to grab the camera