Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I work with amazing people~!!

It's not always easy to work with people that are old enough to be your dad. I would have to say it's quite intimidating to work with such intellegent people who has been with the company for 18, 19 years and knows the ins and outs for the company. I am so grateful for the people that I work with, they are always so willing to help. They all treat me so well, and never put me down even when i have no idea what i am doing.

I am not gonna say their names, but show the region they work for.

Southeast Asia - very detail oriented, helped me a ton, and saved my butt many times for making some stupid errors. He is old enough to be my dad... and he speaks chinese. he's about 6'2 6'3... bald with a very tall nose, and green eyes. A bishop in his ward. VERY NICE GUY!!

North Asia - at first, i thought he's just so stern, and uptight. After working a year with this group, i find that he's really funny. and he says bad words without saying them. Quite a skill. He likes my asian candy that i always bring to the meetings.

my boss- so funny! he's very smart, and knows what he's doing. He's always so focused, except when he's in a funny mood. .... and when all the guys get together, they all are just soo goofy.... goofball... his eyes are HUGE!! and he's french, well french decend anyway. He is very helpful, and helped me with planning my career path.

Not sure what his title is - this guy is in my group. He is very smart as well... all the people that i work with are so bright. He looks like one of those people from a german royal family, and maybe you might see his portrait in a museum. Tall, very stylish. or his wife dresses him well. haha. He is sooooo nice. and i really like his european shoes from Nordstrom.

Greater China - She is the sweetest lady i've ever met. She's old enough to be my mom as well. But her kids are 11 and 3 I think. Always so nice, and willing to help. love love love this lady~!

i know this blog is a little scattered, but i just want to share how i feel about the people that i work with.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I do love her~!

My mom... she's sooo awesome. I am getting married in 27 days, and i was home the day after thanksgiving. My mom was going through all the food that she and Martin is going to prepare for the reception. When she went on with the list of all my favorite food, my heart just melted. My parents are hard working people, and I didn't expect the things that they are going to prepare at the reception.

It was so nice of them to volunteer to pay for the food, cuz that cost alot too.

When i got home, mom had all my favorite food ready for me. At night time, she made my bed for me in the living room. Long story short, after i moved to college, my parents rent out my room to the LDS missionaries in the area. So, when i go home, i sleep on the couch in the living room. She had a clean sheet, nice pillows out for Steve and I.

The next day, Steve and I were heading back home. We had 10 hours of driving, and mom prepared a little bag full of fruits. she knows when we are on the road, we eat junky food. Isn't that the most amazing mom ever?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This morning when i was checking my facebook, and I came across a website that all my Asian friends were raving about. I guess it was really funny, the name of the website seem interesting, so I went on to the website. Honestly, it was a little lame. I think all the things that my mom does can beat all of their moms. My mom is so Asian, such a typical Asian.... plus more.

"fob" is not a word that i am very fond of. It means " Fresh Off the Boat". Like back when the Chinese come to America on a big boat through the sea. Meaning they are fresh, and still has many Chinese traditions. This fob can apply to any other Asian race, it is a stereotype of what Asians are. For example, using a peace sign (putting two fingers up) for all pictures. Hello Kitty for everything... cloths, kitchen stuff... bedding, shower stuff... EVERYTHING...

Here is my mom with her papaya that she swears it's better to get them in the Korean store. Cuz they are more fresh. (yup, that's my mom... the one who told me to go get liposuction) I still love her very much, she just makes me frustrated sometimes.

I guess on the website "" shows all the things that Asian moms do. One of the moms labeled all the eggs... it was really funny. They are labeled "cooked" with blue pens.

Who would put a plate of raw eggs on the table anyway?

Mm... can't seem to be able to post the labeled egg picture, but check out the website. it's interesting.

One day, my mom decide to order a bunch of liquid soap. They are all the same scent. so, there is hand soap, and body wash. I guess my mom is just so excited to get these soaps, since she likes things that smells good. She was so excited, and she took a shower with one of the soaps. She called me later and told me how wonderful this soap is, and it has lots bubbles when you shower. Blah blah... so, i went home and saw in her shower...." Liquid Hand Soap" I was like.. mom...... that's for your hands. Not it's going to hurt you in anyway, but yeah....

She just laughed hysterically, I guess it is kinda funny. She said, " they all looked the same, and all said soap"

More fob stories... my mom and dad goes to a college near our house for walks quite often. They always come back with different things from the college. There is a pond, so one time they brough some gold fish home from that pond. All the fish in their fish tank is from the pond. Since then, the fish has multiplied. My parents start giving out the fish as presents to other chinese people.

There are a couple times my mom brought some fruit back from the college... there was also strawberries, lemons, oranges, pretty plants and many other things I can't seem to remember all of them. She'll save old breads or the cake sides (she bakes awesome cakes) to feed the ducks at the pond. At least she's contributing back to the college by feeding the ducks.

oh... moms.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Laying on the couch

My mother.... I think i should dedicate this blog to my mother. Even though we live 10 hours away from each other, our conversation on the phone has impact me more than any other thing. After the liposuction conversation, I just thought she's nuts. I wish she would not say some of the things she does, then I found a message that my brother wrote on one of our long time friends facebook wall... it says.." hey man, looks like you've gain a little weight xD haha how have you been? what's been going on?" Does my family say anything else besides telling other people that they are fat?

The funny thing is, my mother is not in any position the skinniest chinese woman. In the chinese culture, both of us would be called fat. Isn't that pathetic? I just think it's funny and sad that my little brother, who is 7 years younger than me, who is living with my parents in their house finishing his last year of high school, acts and talks like a real chinese cultured young man grew up in America! He speaks perfect English, probably more perfect than I would ever achieve. Anyways, both of us went to the same high school, had some of the same teacher, went to the same church functions, knows the same family. We both like my mom's chinese food. Despite all the hurtful words this woman may say to me (not on purpose, she's just blunt), her food is AMAZING~!! My bother doesn't like to use chopsticks, he can't write in chinese, but he speaks it fluently with some english words thrown in. We call that " Chinglish"

ok, I am totally going off tangent. Steve and I drove about 10 hours and finally arrived at my parents house. When I arrived, the door was not shut all the way. Which is pretty common, cuz the missionary who lives at my parents house often forget to shut the door. I walked up towards the door, pushed it open and saw my parents laying on the couch together. Nothing is wrong with the scene, i am used to seeing them laying on the couch like that. It was fine, except my mom screamed " ah!" in a high pitch suprised tone, and it made me feel awkward. Cuz I felt like I might have walked in on something that was going on, which I do not dare to ask. Nothing was going on... they were just laying on the couch watching their chinese shows. After hearing her suprised high pitched "Ah!", I quickly shut the door. My face turned red, you cant' really see the red, cuz i am chinese, but i can feel the burning sensation flooding over my cheek. Steve was right behind me, and his reaction was the same as mine. He thought I walked in on my little chinese parents doing naughty things. It was really funny. I re-knocked the door and waited for my mom to say " jing lai" ('come in' in chinese) I then walked into my parents house with my Steve. Steve and I both felt a little awkward, but my mom was just so happy to see us. That is why she screamed the high pich "ah!"... in a way, the scream kind of sounded like when you accidentally step on your cat's tail, and they make that high pich "meow!"

Anyway... my mom and dad wasn't doing naughty things... although it was strange . They need a bigger bedroom with their own flat screen TV.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


to continue with my Chinese v.s. American....

Monday, i felt a little better to talk to my mother. I kind of forgive and trying to forget the fact that she called me fat to my face. We talked about who is coming to the wedding, and this woman is out of control!! She keeps on changing the menu, and i know she wants the best food for my wedding reception. AND THEN...... " you know, when I tell you that you are fat, it's our of love. Don't take it too personally..... Would you like to go get liposuction? I will pay for it!"

K... whoever is reading this, you probably know me. Do you seriously think that i deserve to be tortured under a liposuction rod throbbing under my tummy skin? I then asked my mother, " where do you think i need liposuction?" she responded quickly, " oh ... under your armpit, stomach, and your butt" I was like..." are you serious? do you seriously think I am so fat, ugly, unattractive that I actually need a liposuction? Why don't you go first and tell me how it feels afterward?"

This year, I finally learned to love my body after 23 years of criticism from the blunt chinese family that i have. Other Chinese girls have flat butt, and no boobs.... EVERYTHING IS FLAT Yes they are skinny, but I have curves! My fiance loves it! I love it, he loves it, that's all it matters.

I should write a book call " Blunt Chinese Effect"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chinese v.s. American

This blog is inspired by the experienced with my super blunt Chinese family and all the fabulous American euphemism

#1 (The reaction of seeing my engagement photos)

My mom : You are getting so fat, you need to loose weight! are you hormone imbalanced?
American : Your pictures look soo cute~!

#2 someone trying to speak a foreign language

Hot pot lady in Provo saying this to a return missionary with a heavy chinese accent : oh, your chinese sucks, you need to practice more. and you got fatter since the last time i saw you.
American: that is so awesome that you can speak a different language!

I can not comprehend why my mother say the things she does. She called me last night, telling me that people in the Chinese ward has received my wedding invitation. Everyone is so happy for me, and...... she said this and made me want to fry her up in her own fat. " You look so fat in your engagement photo... can you still fit into your dress? My friend and i are thinking you are hormone imbalanced"

I can not believe ANY mother in this world would put their daughter down like this. She's not exactly lean by any mean. Chinese people see her as a fat/round woman. I hate the fact that in the chinese culture, people just say things so bluntly and hurt other people's feeling. No one has the right to tell me i am not. because i am not!! When my mother was my age, she was 2 times bigger than i am. She has no place whatsoever to call me fat.

Last time someone called Alice fat, she stopped eating. She became anorexic, even when she weight only 80 lbs, she still felt fat. Cuz people around her called her fat. Something like this could be prevented if people are more sensitive. Aliced died. a beautiful talented young woman died because the pressure of being skinny. Alice's mother was so sad, she couldn't even speak at her funeral.

Stop calling me fat! Unless you want me to end up like Alice!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I am thankful for my friends

Throughout my life, there are always people in my life who just influence me so much.

I am grateful for all my friends who were with me throughout different stages of my life. They have loved me, supported me, and just lifted me up. They have taught me many things from cooking, to primary children songs, to spinich dip, and help me to become a better person.

I am thank for for my best friend Bee, we will have the same last name in 50 days. Cuz we both will be married to a Peterson/Petersen. Bee taught me to be thoughtful, and be positive. She is always there to listen to me, and she bought me who knows how many meals when we were in Paris. She carried my backpack for me when we were walking in Paris, cuz she knows my back hurts from carrying it. She is a fabulous example, and i love this girl to death. so happy, so positive. and she plays piano amazingly... and she sings!! so smart. i don't know if i would pass my European Art class without her. She's always my cheer leader, telling me what I can do it!. and she's always excited for whatever i am doing.

My friends are just so awesome. i am so blessed to have them.

Cindy, or Cindizzle... beautiful girl with big big big heart~!! so funny, so much love, and so creative. I love our time in Paris eating snails in a non smoking section that smells like smoke in Paris. Cindy always laugh at my stupid jokes, and laugh really hard at it.

Mary, intellegent girl! taught me how to express myself without killing the other person. and get the other person to be on my side. She should have been a lawyer.

Cara and Hannah, both are so happy and funny. Just be happy with life... so hippy. They are both soft spoken, but crazy from the inside. Hannah's spinich dip is amazing, and Cara gives amazing massages. both of them do!

Emily, she watshes dishes when i am freaking out that other roomates didn't. Cuz she knows it will make me feel better. She is one of the nicest person i've ever met. even though she says she's not. Very selfless, and always willing to help in whatever situation. She took our engagement pics.

Marie... oh Marie. the sweet sweet Marie. I love Marie. tender heart! she's always here in the office to listen to me. Marie, such a great example, so much love. And soooo funny.

here is a shout out to all my friends whos name I did not list. I didn't forget you, i just can't list all right now. I am so grateful for you, for your love and support. I am grateful that you accept who i am. Thank you for letting me into your lives, and little something from you!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love my baby~!!

Steve woke up at 2:30 in the morning, and wrote this to me. It totally made me smile.... and yes, we are really weird in our own way.

Top 50 Reasons That I LOOOOVE YOU!
(In no particular order)


  1. You are super cute.
  2. You always make me smile.
  3. You are always yourself around me.
  4. It is amazingly fun to hang out with you.
  5. You make the most amazing “add sausage become rice”.
  6. You let me be myself.
  7. You make me laugh with your weirdness (turtle pose, worm pose).
  8. You are 超级性感!
  9. You speak Chinese.
  10. You are the Ying to my Yang.
  11. You worry about things to make up for the fact that I don’t.
  12. You are the perfect height and size for me.
  13. You are very artistic.
  14. You share my love for pugs.
  15. You are not from Utah or Idaho!
  16. You are an amazing surfer!
  17. You bring out the best in me.
  18. You always send me text messages and little notes and things.
  19. You are really cute, even when you are mad.
  20. You bite. GRRRRRR!
  21. You are very loving and caring.
  22. You are a great kisser!
  23. You are cultured.
  24. You are very well educated and love to learn.
  25. You put up with all of my crap.
  26. You don’t get mad when I win (ok, so you do, but I still love you)
  27. You can snowboard.
  28. You have an amazing family.
  29. You have a crazy family.
  30. You put up with my crazy family.
  31. You give amazing massages.
  32. You know how to make me happy.
  33. You always try to make sure I am happy.
  34. You always worry about me.
  35. You are very easy to please.
  36. You watch cartoons and put up with football and basketball.
  37. You are not fake in any way.
  38. You are a dork.
  39. You love me even though I am also a dork.
  40. You love to snuggle.
  41. You are always looking for ways to help me.
  42. HAHAHA the turtle pose.
  43. You genuinely care about everyone’s feelings.
  44. You are my 小猪猪。
  45. You don’t care that I have a big head and little hands.
  46. You never stay mad at me for more than a couple hours.
  47. It is impossible to get mad at you.
  48. We always kiss and make up.
  49. You love me!
  50. But most of all, we are PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!! MUAH MUAH MUAH!!!!! I love you Forever!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He made history~!

Obama is our next president~!! It's exciting. I think both MCcain and Obama fought a long way. I am excited to see what Obama has in place for us. Some people are very upset, some people are very excited. I think it's a great opportunity that we can give Obama to prove himself that he is worthy of this position.

All and all... US will be okay. and changes aren't bad~!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting day~!!

It was successful vote for me. I registered 3 weeks ago, and got my mail in ballot last monday, and i send it out on tuesday. So i was set... ! I have fulfilled the duty of an American citizen~!! Hey, i do care!

And... being the voting day, i have received a text from one of my friends in college. It says, "Due to long lines today, all Obama voters are asked to vote on Wednesday. Please tell all of your friends"

My reaction was.... busted out laughing! Kinda sucks for Obama, but it also shows how many people are desperate to make sure Obama is not elected. We will see. I just thought the text is funny, and i went online to google it. Guess what, this is so rediculous! someone actually got a random phone call telling them the same thing. vote Obama on Wednesday. oh people.....

anywho.. I would like to say "good job!" to both canidate, cuz they try so hard to do what's right. if Steve ssees this, he's going to faint. cuz he knows how limited my politics knowledge is. I love you hon!!! don't judge me. I think everyone deserves a big hug, and a pad on their back.

Friday, October 24, 2008

What city do I belong?

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.

A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.

A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything.

No wonder you and London will get along so well.

What City Do You Belong In?

you know, honestly, i can totally see myself living in London. It's only 3 hours train ride to Paris~! and everyone speaks ENGLISH!!! It's artsy, and Harry Potter and his friends has to go through the Kings Cross train station at 9 3/4. what a wonderful city. And i totally loved the musicals there... it's pretty fairly prices. I am taking Steve there with me, and he is going to enjoy the art with me. If he doesn't,... i am sure Cindy or Bee would love to go with me.. haha.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So.... this is the 2nd to the last time that I will drive up to Rexburg to see Steve. Next time I go, it would be for my Idaho bridal shower and say goodbye to all my friends there.

This weekend was short but sweet. first of all, i found out that Steve is cursive challenged while we were addressing our invitation envelops. It was interesting to see his reaction. He is usually good at everything. All of the sudden he doesn't know how to write G in cursive, and having trouble with little m's. It was such a precious moment...... in my mind i was laughing sooooo hard, and try not to show on my face that his writing is really cute. ( like a little 3rd grader) oh! how i love Steve. If he is always good at everything, then our life would be so boring. Also i'd feel so defeated and useless all the time.

Why the feeling defeated? Both of us are first borns of our parents. Being the first child, we are usually smarter then the rest of the children that comes later. Hence, we are better in many things from school, sports, music, language, cooking, and so on. Maybe it's because my mother has such high expectation from me when i was little, i became very competitive. As for Steve, his father is extremely competitive, hence the gene passed down. This is such a humbling experience, because both of us realized that we can't be good at everything. At least i think i can't, cuz i don't want to hurt other people's feeling by winning. If it's important things like business,,, yes! super competitive, cuz it's about my career, money, and future financial status.

Registering is so tiring, and Bed, Bath & Beyond's register gun is so heavy and retarted. Glad Steve has strong finger to press those stupid botton. Why don't they have guns like Targets?? it was so much easier. so..... envelope and register is all done.... now just need to print the pics, temple invite and direction cards....


can't wait to be married to the man that i love the most inthe whole entire world, and grow old with him.... and maybe count his wrinckles... hahah.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Engagement pics

YAY~!! so happy that we got our photos so quickly. Emily Skinner took the photos for us. She is absolutely amazing, and she takes alot of the natural shots, which i absolutely loved~!!! she totally captures the moment~!! alot of funny moments too. Click here to see more of it

Monday, September 15, 2008

Found it ~!!!

When the timing is right, everything will fall in to places. One morning I woke up and just thought i should look at the housing page. to my surprise i found an apartment for Steve and I in the time that we need it. It's a cute 2 bedroom apt, and fully furnished. The apt is painted in light yellow, with white side pannel molding stuff.

if you are interested to see what our apt will look like, click here

YAY~!!! our first apt~!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

suspenders and sweat pants

Some old man in front of the Sinclair gas station was indulging himself with a large soda and a sandwich. Nothing is wrong with this image, except the gray over sized sweat pans were hold on to his body by suspenders. i wish i had my camera, and i know Cindy would love that pic.

Steve got me a large cherry coke, cuz i was craving for it. This whole weekend he was so sweet, and he just love me and held me. I love being held by him. Shopping at the outlet in Park City was super fun, especially just hanging out with the man i love the most in the whole entire world. He was so patient with me, and just let me be who I am. I can hardly wait for our wedding date.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

cold play

I have always love the rich fulfillling sound of cello, violin and drum playing together. When i heard Coldplay's Vivalavia, i was instantly immersed in the music. I closed my eyes and i can just feel the song, and walk through the imagery the lyrics has painted. The lyric is very abstract, and i quite enjoy listening to it. i was hoping the video could show the Catholic choir singing in a faded black and white film. and the singer walk through his life experience like going back to his old memories.

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can not explain
I know Saint Peter won't call my name
Never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world

Click here for the video.

J'espere un jour je peux pense en francaise. Dans une monde comme au jourd'hui, il faux que tous parle mieux que une langue. ok my french is suffering.....

life is going well, just got another project. i was wondering why they'd pick me to do it, then i guess i am the only person who'd do a good job at it. i need to acuquire for a better pay, although i have a very flexible hours, which i can not complain. so in the next few months, i'd be busy doing interviewing people accross the globe. i wonder how i am going to catch people in Japan... uh.... hours difference. .... eh... i am jenn hsu, i can do anything. right?

so... monday.... labor day. Steve and i are going take our engagement pics at Gateway... i am excited. but i wish i have more clothes choice. oh who cares.... we'll look good. if worse comes to the worse. i can always photoshop different outfit into it... hahah.... that's sooo white trash.

i can hardly wait to see my steve tomorrow. i haven't seen him for 3 weeks.... December IS coming up soon. i just wish it's coming sooner,,,, so i can get over the wedding plannin, and talking to my super chinese weird mother. ...

talking about my mother, i really try to love her. but sometimes, well, most of the time, she'll say things that really hurt my feeling. words like... " are you skinner?.. did you loose any weight??" .. ok, so i am 5'2, and weight 130lbs. athletic looking. i am NOT fat whatsoever. yes, i could loose a few pouds, but my chinese mother always put me down like i am the worse daughter ever. I have struggle to pray everyday to my god and praying for help that i could soften my own heart to love her for who she is and not worry about the words coming out of her mouth. Is this just a culture difference that i am experiencing here or what? i never know what she is implying in her words.

on the other hand.... she always tell other people how proud she is of me....? ironic. She's crazy... and we just don't know each other anymore. how sad is this? i know i am sad that my relationship with my mother is not as good as before. i guess i've subpressed alot of feelings and try not to remember what she had done. And one day i see my friend's relationship with their mother, i realized how paralized my relationship with my mother is. She is more like a roommate throughout my childhood, rather than mother/daughter. Mothers should give cousels, and be a good example.... gah.... God, just erase my decayed memories of my parents, and just help me to be the best wife and best mom i can be.

I guess i wouldn't be thinking about how i can be a good mother, if my mom had done a better job with me. My mother is lucky that she got me as a daughter, cuz compare me to other kids, i am just way independent. i was out of er hair... i wonder she knows about this.... maybe i am the one who needs to change attitude... since i can't realy change hers. she is turning into an old... very traditional chinese women... and we live in the land of the free. our thinking is different... our life style is completely different. .........

Wish Bee and Cindy is still here.... Steve, let's just get married right now!

Friday, July 18, 2008

every 3 weeks

The Current gas price is just amazingly high. I guess for people like Steve who is into economics always, if not most of the time, base their thinking and action around money. He mentioned if we see each other every 3 weeks instead of every 2 weeks, we'll save $500 by the time we are married.

I think i am getting better with being away from him. I still get to talk to him every day. I tried to occupy my time with fun stuff, and enjoying the along time I have. I guess once I am married, probably won't have times like this anymore.

"Twilight" is a very interesting book my roommate Megan introduced me to. I have finished the whole serie, which is 3 books. I couldn't put it down. you could click here to see the trailer. i fell in love with the book, and how Edward is so perfect. we all know there is no such man exist in the world. but it's fun to imagine. Bella, a very average girl, but Edward waited 100 years for... amazing

life has been interesting, yoga classes kicks my butt. all the of the sudden i think Le Tour France is amazingly interesting. don't know why. but those guys inspire me for riding that long on bikes. guys and their tight little bike shorts... haha.. like Greg. little american white boys legs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

it just happeneds to be 5 hours

i have a meeting today from 12-5. YAY. it is a strategy planning meeting that i have at work. I don't need to present anything. but since i have to put together all their plans in a power point and updated it. i guess it's crucial that i sit in for the meeting.

so i was going through my outlook and checking my calendar, making sure i know all the meetings that i need to go to in the near future. You know, just those regular meetings that i need to go to. and then i came across August 2nd. I got a little sad, cuz i was suppose to get married on that day. but now it's december. Which is fine... i am still trying to work out my inner peace with it. December is fine. Look at all the benefits. 1. i don't have to move to the hell hole of Rexburg anymore. 2. i get to keep my job, meaning financial stability. 3. Steve graduates, so we can enjoy our first 8 months of marriage without school. YAY. 4. we'll have save a little more money and pay off our debts by December. YAY. So it's not too bad if i keep on looking at these awesome benefits. It just has been strangely difficult to function without Steve. wish he's here with me.

wedding plan is coming along, and i have decided that i don't want that much flowers. I only want my flower, the flower at the sign-in table,food table, and my eating table. Think of it, maybe i'll scrap the sign in table and just decorate it with our pictures. the whole place will be decorated with big pictures. i'll spend $60 bucks to make big pix from costco. Maybe i'll have Josh help me to do it.

this morning i had a dream that i was in Taiwan, and i was so excited in my dream. cuz i wanted to find " 菜 粽 “ but for some odd reason, they didn't have it. and the person who's in charge of the cash register speaks English. weird. I really hope that Steve and I can go back to Taiwan next year. it'll be awesome!

Monday, May 12, 2008

pure hatred

I really hate when people say " aw, that's so long. why don't you just get married in August." Like i didn't know it's so freakin' long. It has been almost pure hell for me being away from Steve, let alone that we have to wait till December to be together. It just happens to work out the best in December.... so people, just shut your freakin' mouth. It's none of your business. By the way, those people who kept on saying those annoying words to me aren't coming to my wedding anyway. Why does it freakin' matter to them? it just makes me so angry when people make comments like that.

Just because your freakin' parents are loaded and you don't have to pay for your wedding... and just because your freakin' mother is planning your whole wedding, and all you do is sit back, and show up on that day. SHUT YOUR FREAKIN' undereducated mouth. think before you speak. Better yet, don't speak, cuz you have such a dense brain. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP~!!!! i don't want to hear you anymore ...!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

New melody

It still amazes me how some people can write music, i can listen to them just fine, but writing them, coming up with them. No way. I guess I could, but it'll sounds really weird. I have lived with 2 music people during college. Both are amazingly talented, and both are really messy. I couldn't stand them. Their emotion towards certain things, no matter what's messed up in their live, they all have one same trait - Sing forever - when they are upset or simply need an escape.

Last night I have finally accepted that my extended engagement is a blessing that heavenly father gave me. I have never have alot of girl friends, i have a couple that i really talk to and hang out. But I am not sure how to be around girls, isn't it ironic? I guess not in my situation, because i have guy friends mostly. Last night i was hanging out with whole bunch of girls from the ward, and we had alot of food, and watch Grey's and Office together. Whitney painted my nail fuchsia, and other girls painted their nails in super dark color. like blue and black. It was just fun to hang out with the girls when they are not fighsty.

I have observed that only the mellow girls went to the girls night out. all the other... i am sorry, i don't know how else to discribe them.... "fake looking" girls didn't even show up. i guess people attract the kind of people they are themselves. Girls who cares about what color their skin is, and if they have enough bronzer on their face....... I really don't care about those kind of people.

Last sunday, i just had it. I am just so sick of people saying... "why don't you just get married (in august)" I really want to reply with " Just because your daddy pays for all of your college (did you even finish college?) and 10 thousand dollar+ wedding; you don't know how it is to have to do those two things on your own." Yes, it is hard to pay for my own college education and saving money to pay for my own wedding. If I could do it over again, i wouldn't do it any other way. Yes, it would be nice to have the help, get whatever i need, and not worry about how to survive this month. But the lesson was priceless. I have learned how to take care of myself, and knowing everything will be okay if i work hard. These are the times where i learned how to be humble, and have faith in the Lord. Knowing that he'll carry my burden with me, and he's with my 100% of the way. I thank my mother to letting me be independent. but i gotta say....... oh yeah, it was hell.... but I know how to handle things.

oh yeah, the pigeon who is currently living in my balcony had two eggs. One hatched yesterday, and the other one hatched today. they are so cute, and awkward looking. They kinda look like chickens... I told my mom, and she said it's very good luck to have some kind of birth in your home. So i guess it's pretty awesome....?? i need to be more intune with my chinese culture.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

conference weekend

i have been in my house for the whole weekend. and i have been SO bored. so i have been putting all the lotion i can find and put it everywhere i can apply on my body. I have done the Galvanic Spa on my face, whitening my teeth, softening my feet with Epoch . i have even gone to my face book and tag everyone in my picture albums... yeah i have been bored. Maybe i need to go out and make more friends.... but then again, i am getting married in 4 monthes, and what's the point of making friends that i will not see again??

i have been sitting in front of my TV for almost 2 days straight of my waking hours. which is very pathetic. and i have been hungry, but i am not sure what i am hungry for. maybe i am just dehydrated. i am not really sure. My pantry doesn't have alot of ready to eat food. everything i want to eat has to be cooked. i should come up with some sort of recipe for quick and easy food. i just don't want to turn fat because of eating junk food. that is just wrong. I REFUSE to eat frozen food on daily bases.... and i REFUSE to eat strudel stuff.. it's just basically eating straight sugar.... yuck~!

i use to like to cook, that cuz i have friends that would eat it. now i basically live alone, althought i ahve 2 roommates, but they are seldom here in the house. everytime i make food, it's just hard to finish them before they spoil.

THEN~~~~~~ i found Fragonard online, and i was sooo happy. in 2006 i was in Paris and had a chance to visit one of the world famous perfumeries in Paris. I bought a bottle of perfume called Bell De la Nuit, but since mom likes it, so i gave it to her. Now, i can buy it online.. although it was alot cheaper in Paris. it was only 31 euros then. now it's 52 American dollars plus shipping. check this out, click here, Bell De la Nuit i love these perfme. especially the ones from paris.

i have always loved perfumes, and i have collected them since i was a little. My aunt "lei lei" has always brought back little perfumes when she travels. and my aunt Darlene is into fashion and always gives me earrings. aunt Chao Hsiu lives in Rome and she always has cool stuff for me too. Maybe one day i will open a boutique that sells french perfume and weird stuff.

ahhhhhh....... i am going nuts. i can' wait to see Steve and be with him for the the break. i can't wait to see sweet pea.. my favoite pug in the whole entire world.


hahaha...Steve just called me and told me about his skinny tall gay femmie socially retarted roommate put his whole entire pan of mac and cheese with TUNA.... "TUNA~!!!!" and spechula in the fridge.... no cover.

this is a lesson to be learned, i will make sure that my children will not be a burden to other people by not knowing these common sense... WOW.... who does that. i am just glad that there's only two other roommates in thie house. Molly is clean.. Kalyn can be a little messy in the sink sometimes. on friday she left her unfinished cereo with MILK in the sink. kinda gross... oh well... she's busy right??

i am gonna call it a night, my muscle relaxin has kicked in... it feels really good.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Am I a Bad Friend?

I have become more patient throughout the years, and i really try to be patient and sympathetic. Sometimes i just don't care what's going on in other people's life. I care about my close friends and family's life, but when i can't do anything for that person, i would refer them to someone else.

well, since i don't want to put this person's name on my blog. Let's give this person a name of Dinky. Dinky is 23 years old, and never been kissed. She's desperate to find out more information about this other person whom she is interested. Dinky keeps on saying that she doesn't care, but if she doesn't care, why would she stay at my apt and talk to me for over an hour about this boy? The thing is that i am not even close to Dinky, i don't even know her parents name. I don't even know her birthday. Basically, she kinda just kind of attach herself to me at a social event. I wish i could be a better friend to her, but i don't know much about her. I know I sound really ridiculous right now, and probably sound really selfish. Dinky needs some psychological help, i asked her what can i do for her. she just keeps on saying 'oh, nothing' .

Note to self, when other people ask how you are doing. always answer "Amazing" Even if you are doing terrible, you can always act amazing, and hope it'll be okay and amazing at the end. i know you'll attract what you think in your mind. i know if you want to be a winner in whatever field, you've got to see the result picture in your head, and keep on working towards it.

I really like this quote from Aristotle "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." Dinky keeps on doing the same thing. keeps on saying that she doesn't care. when deep down inside, she is afraid to be alone. Yet, her act towards boys seems too pushy, over board, and just too much for a boy to take.

If anyone want to attract the opposite sex, they need to first have confidence in themselves. No one wants to date someone who is not sure about themselves. Everyone wants to date the "cool" person, you know? Some said women with higher education or are successful in their career intimidates man. Well, i think not. Who would want to marry a couch potato? No man would want to marry a stupid person who sub-press their abilities to be married. I don't think smart man would want to marry someone knowing that they will suck at teaching their children. It's SOOOOO STUPID when single women think that they should stop seeking for education and start looking for a man to marry them. Gosh woman, have some self-confidants.

It's common sense to me not to be pushy with boys, you don't want them to be stressed when they are with you. Especially when you are with a boy that you like.

Note to self... don't let your kids skip grades. it will ruin their social skills.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

commpliments from Dan


Love what you have done with Nu Communications. Keep it up, it’s making a difference.


Background: Dan Chard is the Executive Vice President, Distributor Success for Nu Skin Enterprises. he is my boss's boss... yeah... pretty big deal. so these are some of the people that i work with click here

i am writing this blog, and hoping no one would see it....... i don't really care

What Dan wrote in that e-mail totally just made my day =^.^= I am so glad that my big projects are done, but I still need to make an inset for the TE trip before 4/4. i'll prpbabaly have it done by today. Work has been really crazy lately, and the reason i said that is i kinked my neck twice with in one week. when i was with Tiffani, she pulled on my neck, and when she pull closer to the neck, my head tilted to the right. Apparently, my c2 and c3 were out. it was quit painful.

This morning was better... still a little sore...