Sunday, November 23, 2008

Laying on the couch

My mother.... I think i should dedicate this blog to my mother. Even though we live 10 hours away from each other, our conversation on the phone has impact me more than any other thing. After the liposuction conversation, I just thought she's nuts. I wish she would not say some of the things she does, then I found a message that my brother wrote on one of our long time friends facebook wall... it says.." hey man, looks like you've gain a little weight xD haha how have you been? what's been going on?" Does my family say anything else besides telling other people that they are fat?

The funny thing is, my mother is not in any position the skinniest chinese woman. In the chinese culture, both of us would be called fat. Isn't that pathetic? I just think it's funny and sad that my little brother, who is 7 years younger than me, who is living with my parents in their house finishing his last year of high school, acts and talks like a real chinese cultured young man grew up in America! He speaks perfect English, probably more perfect than I would ever achieve. Anyways, both of us went to the same high school, had some of the same teacher, went to the same church functions, knows the same family. We both like my mom's chinese food. Despite all the hurtful words this woman may say to me (not on purpose, she's just blunt), her food is AMAZING~!! My bother doesn't like to use chopsticks, he can't write in chinese, but he speaks it fluently with some english words thrown in. We call that " Chinglish"

ok, I am totally going off tangent. Steve and I drove about 10 hours and finally arrived at my parents house. When I arrived, the door was not shut all the way. Which is pretty common, cuz the missionary who lives at my parents house often forget to shut the door. I walked up towards the door, pushed it open and saw my parents laying on the couch together. Nothing is wrong with the scene, i am used to seeing them laying on the couch like that. It was fine, except my mom screamed " ah!" in a high pitch suprised tone, and it made me feel awkward. Cuz I felt like I might have walked in on something that was going on, which I do not dare to ask. Nothing was going on... they were just laying on the couch watching their chinese shows. After hearing her suprised high pitched "Ah!", I quickly shut the door. My face turned red, you cant' really see the red, cuz i am chinese, but i can feel the burning sensation flooding over my cheek. Steve was right behind me, and his reaction was the same as mine. He thought I walked in on my little chinese parents doing naughty things. It was really funny. I re-knocked the door and waited for my mom to say " jing lai" ('come in' in chinese) I then walked into my parents house with my Steve. Steve and I both felt a little awkward, but my mom was just so happy to see us. That is why she screamed the high pich "ah!"... in a way, the scream kind of sounded like when you accidentally step on your cat's tail, and they make that high pich "meow!"

Anyway... my mom and dad wasn't doing naughty things... although it was strange . They need a bigger bedroom with their own flat screen TV.

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Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

Haha... so funny! I'm sorry about your mom's comments, but I think it's great that you are learning from it what NOT to do with your own children someday!