Thursday, April 15, 2010

List about Taiwan

1. Cab rides are cheap
2. Cab drivers all asked if we watch American baseball
3. All cab driver that we met loves the New York Yankees
4. Cab drivers smells like after math Korean food. Garlicky... hate it!
5. Fruits and juices are cheap, and they are amazing
6. Shaved ice has never disappointed me
7. 2nd week into our trip in Taiwan, I craved for a cheese burger. Steve walked a mile to go get the amazing and delicious cheese burger for us!
8. Even though eating with my aunt and uncle could be a bit heavy sometimes, (8 course meal). They always make sure the food is clean, and the sea food is fresh. I think I got sick eating out with another friend, and I was not feeling well for 2 days. uhhh...
9. I miss having Cindy around in Taiwan, it was good times!
10. The hotels my aunt got us is ballin'~!! The hotel worker treat us so nice when they saw our room key. We are staying on the 18th floor, i guess only super ballin' people stay in those.

11. Most of all, I have the greatest husband of all. He took care of me when I was sick! Even though I was a grouchy grouch.