Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I work with amazing people~!!

It's not always easy to work with people that are old enough to be your dad. I would have to say it's quite intimidating to work with such intellegent people who has been with the company for 18, 19 years and knows the ins and outs for the company. I am so grateful for the people that I work with, they are always so willing to help. They all treat me so well, and never put me down even when i have no idea what i am doing.

I am not gonna say their names, but show the region they work for.

Southeast Asia - very detail oriented, helped me a ton, and saved my butt many times for making some stupid errors. He is old enough to be my dad... and he speaks chinese. he's about 6'2 6'3... bald with a very tall nose, and green eyes. A bishop in his ward. VERY NICE GUY!!

North Asia - at first, i thought he's just so stern, and uptight. After working a year with this group, i find that he's really funny. and he says bad words without saying them. Quite a skill. He likes my asian candy that i always bring to the meetings.

my boss- so funny! he's very smart, and knows what he's doing. He's always so focused, except when he's in a funny mood. .... and when all the guys get together, they all are just soo goofy.... goofball... his eyes are HUGE!! and he's french, well french decend anyway. He is very helpful, and helped me with planning my career path.

Not sure what his title is - this guy is in my group. He is very smart as well... all the people that i work with are so bright. He looks like one of those people from a german royal family, and maybe you might see his portrait in a museum. Tall, very stylish. or his wife dresses him well. haha. He is sooooo nice. and i really like his european shoes from Nordstrom.

Greater China - She is the sweetest lady i've ever met. She's old enough to be my mom as well. But her kids are 11 and 3 I think. Always so nice, and willing to help. love love love this lady~!

i know this blog is a little scattered, but i just want to share how i feel about the people that i work with.