Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mr. mom, Mr. Peterson

I am so lucky to have a husband who is getting so good at being a stay home dad. Earlier last year some cercumstances has changed in our family, so I went back to work. Leaving at home is my 8 months old baby, and a husband.

Mr. Peterson has come a long way from where he was. " I was suppose to give her baby food?"

The first week he was home with Sophie, he complained that she cried a lot, and was just really fussy in general. Then we soon realized that he didn't know that he needs to feed the baby girl baby food. He thought she only needs breast milk. Which I nurse the baby girl before I go to work, and she comes to my work during lunch for mid-day feeding, and then right when I get home from work.

Anyway, now he has couple recipes that he is so great at making. He cooks! He was never keen on cooking, and always made the excuse, "but you are so much better...." . Now he makes awesome chinese taco pork meat, peanut butter cookies, and he cleans the kitchen.

By the time i get home from work, i am exhausted. He lets me have my own time, and he cleans the kitchen. I love his Mr. Peterson. I think he is a keeper.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy meal

While daddy was in class, Sophie and mommy went to McDonalds and had a happy meal. This time, it finally came in the happy meal box. Last time we bought one, it was just in a regular bag. (lame, huh)

She was happy, I was happy. We spilled some chocolate milk, but it was all good.

Baby fries and mama fries

She already loves sunglasses. What a girly girl.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sophie had her little hands covering her face, and making the " blow raspberry " sound. At first I thought she was just blowing bubbles on her hands. She kept on doing it. And then I realized that she was doing. She was imitating Steve when he is blowing his nose. Hands on his face, and really loud sound like farts.

Someone asked if Sophie's funny personality was what she was born with, or it's us (her parents) rubbing off on her.  Honestly, I am not sure, but I am really grateful for such a happy child who is so content with everything. I love her so much! She is already getting her daddy to do whatever she wants him to, and buy her whatever she points at.

Friday, March 23, 2012

you wouldn't think....

Look at how cute she is... She's mine, and I think she's pretty awesome.

You would never thought she'd drop her poop log on the ground.

It was partially my fault. She pooped, I changed her and was about to take her in the shower with me. What I should have realized, but didn't, was that she wasn't finished with her business yet. I was walking into the shower, and she was behind me, and Steve yelled, " EWWWWW".  And voila, first poopy accident on the carpet.

Other than the poop... we all have a cold right now. All three of us are sleeping in our own rooms.  Sophie woke up a lot at night, because she couldn't breath. So I brought her back into my bed, but she rolls every where. It was hard for me to sleep, but she seems comfortable. She rolled off the bed and fell about 10 inches unto the bedside table. I fell terrible, but I was so tired, and I forgot to put up the pillows on the sides that I usually do. She's fine, and went back to bed.

Let's hope this cold will go away soon.

Monday, March 12, 2012

my 15 months baby

Steve and I are so blessed to have a such happy baby! She can't communicate with words yet, but she sure has a sense of humor.

She loves her pink jelly shoes, and she'd wear it over her jammies. Steve makes a special Sophie seat with blankets in front of the ottoman, and Sophie would walk backwards, and let her butt drop on the pile of blankets.

  • she likes everything we give her... so far.
  • she gives kisses - she'd hold my cheeks and kiss me on my lips and then laugh.
  • she can drink from a straw
  • she can blow air our of her mouth
  • staring with her nostril 
  • giggles at funny parts of cartoon
  • she says "YEAH!" to most questions you ask her
    • i.e. Do you want to --go outside/eat ice cream/ shower/ go to disneyland? " YEAH!!"
  •  she wears size 4 Tom's
  • Her hair is long enough to put into piggy tails
  • she hangs out with her daddy all day, but she is still a girly girl.
    • She likes little purses, and will walk around with it
    • She picks up my lip gloss, and pretend to put some on her own lips
    • She'll grab my make up brush, and brush her own face
    • She'll brush her hair
  • Unless Steve is really femmy at home when I am at work ... Sophie is really a girly girl 

 we love her so much!!