Friday, March 23, 2012

you wouldn't think....

Look at how cute she is... She's mine, and I think she's pretty awesome.

You would never thought she'd drop her poop log on the ground.

It was partially my fault. She pooped, I changed her and was about to take her in the shower with me. What I should have realized, but didn't, was that she wasn't finished with her business yet. I was walking into the shower, and she was behind me, and Steve yelled, " EWWWWW".  And voila, first poopy accident on the carpet.

Other than the poop... we all have a cold right now. All three of us are sleeping in our own rooms.  Sophie woke up a lot at night, because she couldn't breath. So I brought her back into my bed, but she rolls every where. It was hard for me to sleep, but she seems comfortable. She rolled off the bed and fell about 10 inches unto the bedside table. I fell terrible, but I was so tired, and I forgot to put up the pillows on the sides that I usually do. She's fine, and went back to bed.

Let's hope this cold will go away soon.

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