Monday, March 12, 2012

my 15 months baby

Steve and I are so blessed to have a such happy baby! She can't communicate with words yet, but she sure has a sense of humor.

She loves her pink jelly shoes, and she'd wear it over her jammies. Steve makes a special Sophie seat with blankets in front of the ottoman, and Sophie would walk backwards, and let her butt drop on the pile of blankets.

  • she likes everything we give her... so far.
  • she gives kisses - she'd hold my cheeks and kiss me on my lips and then laugh.
  • she can drink from a straw
  • she can blow air our of her mouth
  • staring with her nostril 
  • giggles at funny parts of cartoon
  • she says "YEAH!" to most questions you ask her
    • i.e. Do you want to --go outside/eat ice cream/ shower/ go to disneyland? " YEAH!!"
  •  she wears size 4 Tom's
  • Her hair is long enough to put into piggy tails
  • she hangs out with her daddy all day, but she is still a girly girl.
    • She likes little purses, and will walk around with it
    • She picks up my lip gloss, and pretend to put some on her own lips
    • She'll grab my make up brush, and brush her own face
    • She'll brush her hair
  • Unless Steve is really femmy at home when I am at work ... Sophie is really a girly girl 

 we love her so much!!

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    Sassy Sarah said...

    Such an adorable little girl! I can't believe she's already 15 months old. How did that go by so fast?!