Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Midterm and teaching bilingual kids

We have survived the first month of law school. I think we are doing well so far, even though there are many changes, and many adjustments for all of us. Steve is about to have his midterm for his first semester at law school, and I can feel the stress coming onto him. By 9pm, he usually has glossy eyes and look like a zombie.

At the mean time, Sophie and I have many adventures together while daddy is at school. My main goals are:
  1. keep Sophie happy
  2. keep Sophie in one piece
  3. Teach her something new every day (i.e. words in both English and Chinese, new tricks like yoga poses, how to draw circles and curly lines...etc)
  4. Experience something new every day (i.e. touch a rabbit, eat in a restaurant with mommy, ride the Skifary, go to new stores and touch the cool things... etc)
  5. Be happy myself, and be the best mommy I can be for Sophie

Sophie and I hang out everyday, I hope she is not tired of me. But how can she? We go to the zoo like... all the time. Since it is listerally 5 min from our house. 

The zoo keeper lets Sophie touch the bunny

We watch how the mama flamingo feed the baby flamingo

We go say hi to the goat, and learn to be gentle with the animals --- still working on the gentle part. Poor goat.  
Free Tuesdays for residences are always awesome - We go to a different museum every Tuesday

Sometimes in a spare of the moment, I will be brave enough to take Sophie to the beach by myself. And we bring Chicken nuggets for lunch :) We have SOO much fun playing in the ocean.

We go see Dr. Zoolittle show at the zoo and learn about different species of animals.

Sometimes when daddy is not too busy, he'll go to the Air and Space Museum with us between classes.

It's always so nice to have daddy with us on our adventures.

Sophie loves hippos, so we go see hippo every time we go to the zoo.

We go to the park for play group and learning about taking turns and how to share -- But Miss Sophie thinks everything is hers. She says " Mine! Mine! Mine !"

oh, and feeding giraffe was super fun. They have purple tongues, and super long.  Thanks grandpa!!
 Some days, we'll have movie day because mommy is not feeling well. Which is ok and very fun for Sophie.

I think Sophie is super awesome. She is smart, she is funny, she is kind, she is loving, and she gives hugs and blow kisses. We recently learned about bees, the sound bee makes, and what bees do with their butt. Now Sophie would walk around the house and go "nnnnnnnnnnnnnn...sting" instead of "bzzzzzzz". She play the sting game with her daddy for 20 min.

Teaching a bilingual child is a lot of work, it takes time and diligence to keep on going with 2 languages. It is so much easier if I just kept it in 1 language, but I know it'll be beneficial to Sophie in the future, and it will help activate many brain connections for future learning. The challenging part for me as a mom is seeing other kids saying more words in the same age, then I have to remind myself that Sophie doesn't know any less words, she just knows all of the words in BOTH English AND Chinese. That is doubled of what most kids says. Although she hasn't been able to express as much as other kids, she does understand commands in both English and Chinese. I can't wait till Sophie can speak in fluent in both languages. Maybe in the future, she'll be a little translator for her Peterson grandparents.

Sometimes the people who are suppose to love you the most, for some odd reason always put you down no matter what you do. I've learned to try to ignore all the negative comments, and focus on my present situation, and be grateful for what I have. I pity those who put me down, because they'll never know how to be happy on their own without putting others down. They'll never experience true love, true gratitude, true gratification and true satisfaction in everyday life.  

I am happy to say that I find joy when Sophie learns a new word, and when she simply just hold my face with her two little hands, looked at me in the eye, and give me a kiss. It is the simple things like little kiss, big hugs, and when Sophie finally calls me mama ( After a whole year when she only says dada) makes all the sacrifices worth it. 

I love being a mommy to my Sophie, and I am very lucky to be able to do so. I am grateful for my husband who is very supportive in my roll as a SAHM (stay at home mom), and I am grateful for my in-laws who believes and values the importance of a SAHM. 

Just a shout out to my boop, I think you are awesome! Thank you for working so hard! I love you!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Commenced!

Our law school journey began this week, Steve started school, and i am officially a stay-at-home-mom. This title comes with many responsibilities, my days are full and very busy. The moms know how busy we are in the house.

first day of school

There are quite a few girls in my ward that went through law school with their husband, one girl in particular said to me " oh, it is very hard! (being a law student's wife)" she taught a lesson on sunday about keeping the sabbath day holy, and how her husband would not do home work on Sundays, and it is her favorite day, because she gets to see her husband. Wow!! I came into this new adventure knowing that I will not see my husband much when he is at school, but we made an effort that he treats law school like a full time job. He gets everything done at school, and when he comes home, he is our favorite daddy and husband.

Monday night is family night, so we went to the zoo to visit some of our favorite animal friends. We quite enjoy the Sky-fari at the zoo, it takes us way up high and you can see the San Diego city and the whole entire zoo.

Sophie thought something was super funny when Steve snapped the shot. I love Sophie's facial expression here.

Sophie doesn't care much about the real life animals, she is not scared of the ones that are moving around. However, she is terrified of animal statues. When we were going to take the photo, she was totally fine, until she popped up from the hole and saw the seal statue. Steve then snapped this photo below. Disclaimer, we didn't force her to take the photo. If i had know how scared she was, I wouldn't have done it.

The first two days of school, I had to take Steve to school, because his bike hasn't shown up yet.
So we went to pick up daddy, and waited for him by the school library.

Oh, and Sophie doesn't like to drink water out her her cups. She likes to turn on the bathroom facet and do this.

At least  she looks happy right? I hope the water is clean enough to drink.

This week is pretty good so far, except I got a cold. I hope it goes away soon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Chapter - San Diego!

I am just going to jump to the funny part. I saw my gay neighbor's butt!!  He was trying to decide where to put his new tattoo, and he decided to show his full smooth butt. I thought it was hilarious, and a humorous way to get to know my neighbor. Another neighbor living on the other side of us offered to make us cookies with pot in it. What a wonderful neighborhood?!! Over all, I love it here!

Okay, I'll back up for a moment here. For those of you who don't know, we have just moved to San Diego. Steve will be attending law school here in just couple weeks, we are all really excited for this new adventure, and excited for what the future has offer.

I have quit my job--again ( I miss my Nu Skin friends), to be a stay at home mom with Sophie. The world famous San Diego zoo is just 3 min driving time from my house; We already got a zoo pass, and we've been there twice this week. It's so nice to know that I can go there with Steve and Sophie anytime, and I am not pressured to stay all day.

We found the elephants! Check off our list!

Steve found fishies on the ground near the elephant, then he realized that Sophie was throwing her fishies to feed the elephants. I guess the elephant came and picked some up and ate it.

she is terrified of large birds
The beach is only 15 minutes away. Sophie wasn't so sure about the sand at first, needless to say that she doesn't like dirty things. She would pick her nose, and give her daddy the treasure that she has discovered inside of her little nose. It's quite humorous seeing a little baby who is only 1 1/2 years old not liking dirty things. Such a girly girl.

She loved the water, and wanted to go into the deeper end of the ocean all the time. If I did't hold her hands, she'd totally dive in.

Thanks Tina for the beach toys!!

About the new place:

The neighborhood we live in is totally different than the demographic that we had in Provo. Most people here are single, and no kids. Sophie is the only kid on this block. Instead of having kids, people have dogs. Every day people walk their little poodles or chihuahua sized dog around the block, and I walk my baby in the stroller. Oh, and most people in this neighborhood is gay. I told my mom about that aspect about my new neighborhood, and she gave me a "ew", and I was really offended by it!! My gay neighbors are way nicer than any of my Mormon neighbors in Provo, they dress nice, they have manners, they seem to be well educated, they drive BMW or Mercedes(on my block), they have great sense of fashion, they have great taste in furniture and decorations. Most important of all, they are themselves, instead of faking who they are not. I have had many gay friends, and I love them for who they are, regardless of their sexual orientation. I just don't want to know too much detail about how things work, if you know what I mean.

One morning I walked to Sprouts, it's about a mile away. The walk was hard!! who knew walking could be so hard and strenuous?!? The roads around my house is almost as hilly as the famous San Francisco Lombard Street, hence pushing a stroller up hill to the grocery store makes a sweaty mommy.

On the walk, I show Sophie different kinds of plants and try to teach her the names of them in both English and Chinese. She just remembers whatever is the easiest for her to say. There were so many cute little pots of plants, herbs and fruits.

About the Russians:

There is a huge complex on our walk to Sprouts, and I noticed that there were many old people just hangout out in the common area. I thought they were just old and couldn't speak clearly, but it's not till later when I witness a Bourn Identity moment. One man was yelling in Russian to another man parking behind him, he was throwing his arms and appeared to be irate. This man is about 6 feet tall, salt and black pepper hair, strong eye brow bones, rough tan skin, curly chest hair (cuz he was wearing a hawaiian shirt and didn't button up the top 4 buttons), and he seems like he might have a gun. Then I realized I was walking in front of a Russian church, it was pretty close to the huge Russian old people's apartment complex.

ok, it's late and i am tired. Sorry for the rambling. Those old Russian ladies were happy to see a little cute baby like Sophie saying hi and blowing kisses to them. Maybe I'll befriend them next time I pass by, maybe i'll get some awesome Russian cabbage soup recipe!

Le fin.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sophie's 1st Easter Egg Hunt

Look at this little cute girl ( I know I am biased), I think she's super cute!

Dav.d took the photos above. Look at those lens!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mr. mom, Mr. Peterson

I am so lucky to have a husband who is getting so good at being a stay home dad. Earlier last year some cercumstances has changed in our family, so I went back to work. Leaving at home is my 8 months old baby, and a husband.

Mr. Peterson has come a long way from where he was. " I was suppose to give her baby food?"

The first week he was home with Sophie, he complained that she cried a lot, and was just really fussy in general. Then we soon realized that he didn't know that he needs to feed the baby girl baby food. He thought she only needs breast milk. Which I nurse the baby girl before I go to work, and she comes to my work during lunch for mid-day feeding, and then right when I get home from work.

Anyway, now he has couple recipes that he is so great at making. He cooks! He was never keen on cooking, and always made the excuse, "but you are so much better...." . Now he makes awesome chinese taco pork meat, peanut butter cookies, and he cleans the kitchen.

By the time i get home from work, i am exhausted. He lets me have my own time, and he cleans the kitchen. I love his Mr. Peterson. I think he is a keeper.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy meal

While daddy was in class, Sophie and mommy went to McDonalds and had a happy meal. This time, it finally came in the happy meal box. Last time we bought one, it was just in a regular bag. (lame, huh)

She was happy, I was happy. We spilled some chocolate milk, but it was all good.

Baby fries and mama fries

She already loves sunglasses. What a girly girl.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sophie had her little hands covering her face, and making the " blow raspberry " sound. At first I thought she was just blowing bubbles on her hands. She kept on doing it. And then I realized that she was doing. She was imitating Steve when he is blowing his nose. Hands on his face, and really loud sound like farts.

Someone asked if Sophie's funny personality was what she was born with, or it's us (her parents) rubbing off on her.  Honestly, I am not sure, but I am really grateful for such a happy child who is so content with everything. I love her so much! She is already getting her daddy to do whatever she wants him to, and buy her whatever she points at.

Friday, March 23, 2012

you wouldn't think....

Look at how cute she is... She's mine, and I think she's pretty awesome.

You would never thought she'd drop her poop log on the ground.

It was partially my fault. She pooped, I changed her and was about to take her in the shower with me. What I should have realized, but didn't, was that she wasn't finished with her business yet. I was walking into the shower, and she was behind me, and Steve yelled, " EWWWWW".  And voila, first poopy accident on the carpet.

Other than the poop... we all have a cold right now. All three of us are sleeping in our own rooms.  Sophie woke up a lot at night, because she couldn't breath. So I brought her back into my bed, but she rolls every where. It was hard for me to sleep, but she seems comfortable. She rolled off the bed and fell about 10 inches unto the bedside table. I fell terrible, but I was so tired, and I forgot to put up the pillows on the sides that I usually do. She's fine, and went back to bed.

Let's hope this cold will go away soon.

Monday, March 12, 2012

my 15 months baby

Steve and I are so blessed to have a such happy baby! She can't communicate with words yet, but she sure has a sense of humor.

She loves her pink jelly shoes, and she'd wear it over her jammies. Steve makes a special Sophie seat with blankets in front of the ottoman, and Sophie would walk backwards, and let her butt drop on the pile of blankets.

  • she likes everything we give her... so far.
  • she gives kisses - she'd hold my cheeks and kiss me on my lips and then laugh.
  • she can drink from a straw
  • she can blow air our of her mouth
  • staring with her nostril 
  • giggles at funny parts of cartoon
  • she says "YEAH!" to most questions you ask her
    • i.e. Do you want to --go outside/eat ice cream/ shower/ go to disneyland? " YEAH!!"
  •  she wears size 4 Tom's
  • Her hair is long enough to put into piggy tails
  • she hangs out with her daddy all day, but she is still a girly girl.
    • She likes little purses, and will walk around with it
    • She picks up my lip gloss, and pretend to put some on her own lips
    • She'll grab my make up brush, and brush her own face
    • She'll brush her hair
  • Unless Steve is really femmy at home when I am at work ... Sophie is really a girly girl 

 we love her so much!!

    Thursday, February 23, 2012


    小蘇菲現在會給親親和抱抱, 超級可愛的. 她在晚上睡前和早上會喝點母奶. 今天早上她醒了, 我抱著她到我房間躺下來. 她趴在我的胸口喝奶奶. 早上5:30, 我還有點累. 所以我眼睛還是閉上者在休息. 小蘇菲喝完後, 她就一直親我的臉. 每親完一個, 她就會正著她大大的眼睛看我會有什麼反應. 然後再親一個. She melts my heart

    Friday, February 17, 2012

    Vacuum Fishies

    Yesterday, Miss Sophie took off the vitamin bottle wrapper, walked over to the trash can, opened the lid, and threw away the wrapper. She still amazes me with what she know. I have no idea she knew how to do that, i guess she does a great job observing Steve and me.
    Steve had one of those days, so I sent him out of the house to blow off steam. I guess Sophie really got on his nerves, and he was about to break. I totally understand how he feels, I've been there myself.
    While he was gone, Sophie and I got a lot done. She was sitting on the couch eating her fishies, while I tackled the carpet with the loud vacuum. After vacuuming, I went into the kitchen to clean the vacuum bucket (no bag vacuum). Sophie continue to sit on the couch, and she was just so content. 
    She then followed me to both bathroom while I clean the counter, sink, bath tubs, shower tiles. She was so sweet and with all smile.  
    After cleaning the shower tiles, I was kinda wet. So I decided to just jump in the shower. Sophie came with too, since Steve wasn't home. And I can't just leave Sophie out by herself. 
    I used to bring her in the shower with me when she was a tiny baby. She'd just snuggle in my chest while the warm shower water graze her tiny back. She loved it. 
    I washed her first, and then I gave her the handheld shower head. She was having a blast with the water while I wash my hair really fast. Then she helped me rinse my hair. I just love spending these little moment with her. 
    We had so much fun together last night. She was great. She talks so much now, although I have no idea what she is saying. She seems happy though.

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    No boyfriends when you are young and pretty - Trying to find someone to married when you are old and wrinkly

    I am always puzzled as to why the Chinese parents restrict their children from dating, or having friends that are opposite gender when they are in their teens and twenties. The Chinese parents are extremely concerned about their children's school work, and if they could get high enough test scores to get into the best school, and eventually the best money making profession.

    example of a Taiwan match maker
     The photo above is the traditional Taiwan match maker. The sign has the requirement for both men and women who wants to be matched up.

    1. Have regular job
    2. No criminal records
    3. Have a house
    4. Healthy body
    5. No bad habits

    1. simple pretty appearance
    2. Under 36
    3.Have a regular job

    So for my friends and cousins in Taiwan, it's no dating, no dating, and NO dating. While they are all young, vibrant, exciting, and gorgeous, they are not allow to date? And then the parents started to get worried when their children aren't having any prospect of marriage when they are in their 30's, sometimes 40's, and some just never get the chance to married for love, and have a family.

    My thinking is... if you are not allowed to date and find the love of you life, it's will only get harder when you are overweight, wrinkly, older, and with low self esteem. (because you are older, and still single)

    Their solution--pay a large sum money to a match maker, in exchange to help them find someone to marry and have kids with. (Also because they are personally social awkward, cuz they weren't allow to socialize with opposite genders)

    Something is wrong with this picture. I believe one of the leading reason why there are so many older Chinese couples aren't happy, is that people aren't allow to date, and are somewhat pressured into marriage when their parents wants grand kids. The pressured married couples hate each other, they live together, they have children together, and they are miserable. So, do they get married for themselves? or for the sake to produce grandchildren to please their parents?

    Then... there is another problem. Having trouble to conceive! Dude, if you are older, your eggs and swimmers are older too. If you are 40 and trying to get pregnant? are you insane??? It's already tiring to be pregnant, giving birth, and chasing a baby in my twenties. I can't imaging having to deal with the morning sickness, all that comes with being pregnant, giving birth in such high age, and chasing a baby in your 40's. AND having to deal with a teenager in you 50's AND dealing with your own menopause.

    I bet the Chinese parents ever thought about that before.

    So, back to the no dating, only school and career. That leads to having to pay for a matchmaker to help find someone, that also wants to get married. So two haggered (after all that late night studying for the test to go to the best school that leads to the best job, which requires you work all day and night and no time for yourself. Nor time to meet other people, and practicing social skill) and socially retarded people get together in an awkward situation with the match maker sitting in between them , because they have to compromise, when you are old, ugly and socially retarded, you can't married someone young, hip, popular and pretty, unless you are like Hugh Hefner, with lots and lots of money.

    To those parents would someday become grandparents in the appropriate age, think twice before you force your children into " No dating, only studying, and school". You might want to reconsider. It'll save you money in a long run on the match maker. Let your kids have a social life, let them go date, fall in love, get their hearts broken, and find love again. At least they won't be as awkward as a 50 year old single man trying to marry the socially awkward 40 year old women.