Friday, February 17, 2012

Vacuum Fishies

Yesterday, Miss Sophie took off the vitamin bottle wrapper, walked over to the trash can, opened the lid, and threw away the wrapper. She still amazes me with what she know. I have no idea she knew how to do that, i guess she does a great job observing Steve and me.
Steve had one of those days, so I sent him out of the house to blow off steam. I guess Sophie really got on his nerves, and he was about to break. I totally understand how he feels, I've been there myself.
While he was gone, Sophie and I got a lot done. She was sitting on the couch eating her fishies, while I tackled the carpet with the loud vacuum. After vacuuming, I went into the kitchen to clean the vacuum bucket (no bag vacuum). Sophie continue to sit on the couch, and she was just so content. 
She then followed me to both bathroom while I clean the counter, sink, bath tubs, shower tiles. She was so sweet and with all smile.  
After cleaning the shower tiles, I was kinda wet. So I decided to just jump in the shower. Sophie came with too, since Steve wasn't home. And I can't just leave Sophie out by herself. 
I used to bring her in the shower with me when she was a tiny baby. She'd just snuggle in my chest while the warm shower water graze her tiny back. She loved it. 
I washed her first, and then I gave her the handheld shower head. She was having a blast with the water while I wash my hair really fast. Then she helped me rinse my hair. I just love spending these little moment with her. 
We had so much fun together last night. She was great. She talks so much now, although I have no idea what she is saying. She seems happy though.

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