Monday, August 2, 2010

Goodbye Ferbie Ferb

I had Ferb since last February. I found him upside down today. I was super sad, he was a great little pet.

Ferb lived a good life, he was at Petsmart, and I brought him home. We got him nice wheels to run on, igloo to live in, toys to play with. He always had food and water. Ferb occasionally got out of his cage and scratches his balls in front of Steve at 2AM. Then Steve had to wake me up to catch him at 2AM, so he won't get under the dish washer.

Okay, I feel really stupid for feeling like this. But my pet died!! I am just super sad. I don't think I can handle it. Phineas is the other hamster we bought at the same time, and I am afraid he is next. Apparently their life span is only 1.5~2 years. So Ferb was about 75 years old in human years. uhhh... who cried over a dwarf hamster? Me! Maybe cuz it's i am pregnant, and emotional?

Anyway. Ferb is a great dwarf hamster! I am going to miss him.

Ferb: 2/2009 ~ 8/2/2010