Thursday, September 25, 2008

Engagement pics

YAY~!! so happy that we got our photos so quickly. Emily Skinner took the photos for us. She is absolutely amazing, and she takes alot of the natural shots, which i absolutely loved~!!! she totally captures the moment~!! alot of funny moments too. Click here to see more of it

Monday, September 15, 2008

Found it ~!!!

When the timing is right, everything will fall in to places. One morning I woke up and just thought i should look at the housing page. to my surprise i found an apartment for Steve and I in the time that we need it. It's a cute 2 bedroom apt, and fully furnished. The apt is painted in light yellow, with white side pannel molding stuff.

if you are interested to see what our apt will look like, click here

YAY~!!! our first apt~!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

suspenders and sweat pants

Some old man in front of the Sinclair gas station was indulging himself with a large soda and a sandwich. Nothing is wrong with this image, except the gray over sized sweat pans were hold on to his body by suspenders. i wish i had my camera, and i know Cindy would love that pic.

Steve got me a large cherry coke, cuz i was craving for it. This whole weekend he was so sweet, and he just love me and held me. I love being held by him. Shopping at the outlet in Park City was super fun, especially just hanging out with the man i love the most in the whole entire world. He was so patient with me, and just let me be who I am. I can hardly wait for our wedding date.