Monday, November 10, 2008

Chinese v.s. American

This blog is inspired by the experienced with my super blunt Chinese family and all the fabulous American euphemism

#1 (The reaction of seeing my engagement photos)

My mom : You are getting so fat, you need to loose weight! are you hormone imbalanced?
American : Your pictures look soo cute~!

#2 someone trying to speak a foreign language

Hot pot lady in Provo saying this to a return missionary with a heavy chinese accent : oh, your chinese sucks, you need to practice more. and you got fatter since the last time i saw you.
American: that is so awesome that you can speak a different language!

I can not comprehend why my mother say the things she does. She called me last night, telling me that people in the Chinese ward has received my wedding invitation. Everyone is so happy for me, and...... she said this and made me want to fry her up in her own fat. " You look so fat in your engagement photo... can you still fit into your dress? My friend and i are thinking you are hormone imbalanced"

I can not believe ANY mother in this world would put their daughter down like this. She's not exactly lean by any mean. Chinese people see her as a fat/round woman. I hate the fact that in the chinese culture, people just say things so bluntly and hurt other people's feeling. No one has the right to tell me i am not. because i am not!! When my mother was my age, she was 2 times bigger than i am. She has no place whatsoever to call me fat.

Last time someone called Alice fat, she stopped eating. She became anorexic, even when she weight only 80 lbs, she still felt fat. Cuz people around her called her fat. Something like this could be prevented if people are more sensitive. Aliced died. a beautiful talented young woman died because the pressure of being skinny. Alice's mother was so sad, she couldn't even speak at her funeral.

Stop calling me fat! Unless you want me to end up like Alice!


Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

A lot of other cultures outside of the US are so blunt like that, not just Chinese culture. I can imagine that it would be hard on girls! I do agree that we shouldn't lie, but we should be tactful, kind and helpful.

Cindroid said...

hahahaha your mom is CRAZY!!!!!

love love love your blog. its outta control.

Hilary Jan said...

I love you Jenn!!! YOU are beautiful!!!