Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This morning when i was checking my facebook, and I came across a website that all my Asian friends were raving about. I guess it was really funny, the name of the website seem interesting, so I went on to the website. Honestly, it was a little lame. I think all the things that my mom does can beat all of their moms. My mom is so Asian, such a typical Asian.... plus more.

"fob" is not a word that i am very fond of. It means " Fresh Off the Boat". Like back when the Chinese come to America on a big boat through the sea. Meaning they are fresh, and still has many Chinese traditions. This fob can apply to any other Asian race, it is a stereotype of what Asians are. For example, using a peace sign (putting two fingers up) for all pictures. Hello Kitty for everything... cloths, kitchen stuff... bedding, shower stuff... EVERYTHING...

Here is my mom with her papaya that she swears it's better to get them in the Korean store. Cuz they are more fresh. (yup, that's my mom... the one who told me to go get liposuction) I still love her very much, she just makes me frustrated sometimes.

I guess on the website "mymomisafob.com" shows all the things that Asian moms do. One of the moms labeled all the eggs... it was really funny. They are labeled "cooked" with blue pens.

Who would put a plate of raw eggs on the table anyway?

Mm... can't seem to be able to post the labeled egg picture, but check out the website. it's interesting.

One day, my mom decide to order a bunch of liquid soap. They are all the same scent. so, there is hand soap, and body wash. I guess my mom is just so excited to get these soaps, since she likes things that smells good. She was so excited, and she took a shower with one of the soaps. She called me later and told me how wonderful this soap is, and it has lots bubbles when you shower. Blah blah... so, i went home and saw in her shower...." Liquid Hand Soap" I was like.. mom...... that's for your hands. Not it's going to hurt you in anyway, but yeah....

She just laughed hysterically, I guess it is kinda funny. She said, " they all looked the same, and all said soap"

More fob stories... my mom and dad goes to a college near our house for walks quite often. They always come back with different things from the college. There is a pond, so one time they brough some gold fish home from that pond. All the fish in their fish tank is from the pond. Since then, the fish has multiplied. My parents start giving out the fish as presents to other chinese people.

There are a couple times my mom brought some fruit back from the college... there was also strawberries, lemons, oranges, pretty plants and many other things I can't seem to remember all of them. She'll save old breads or the cake sides (she bakes awesome cakes) to feed the ducks at the pond. At least she's contributing back to the college by feeding the ducks.

oh... moms.

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Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

That is funny... I've never heard the term "fob" before. I think it's neat that you guys have such different cultural traditions! It's what makes life interesting! I hope that you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family :)