Monday, May 12, 2008

pure hatred

I really hate when people say " aw, that's so long. why don't you just get married in August." Like i didn't know it's so freakin' long. It has been almost pure hell for me being away from Steve, let alone that we have to wait till December to be together. It just happens to work out the best in December.... so people, just shut your freakin' mouth. It's none of your business. By the way, those people who kept on saying those annoying words to me aren't coming to my wedding anyway. Why does it freakin' matter to them? it just makes me so angry when people make comments like that.

Just because your freakin' parents are loaded and you don't have to pay for your wedding... and just because your freakin' mother is planning your whole wedding, and all you do is sit back, and show up on that day. SHUT YOUR FREAKIN' undereducated mouth. think before you speak. Better yet, don't speak, cuz you have such a dense brain. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP~!!!! i don't want to hear you anymore ...!!

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