Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Am I a Bad Friend?

I have become more patient throughout the years, and i really try to be patient and sympathetic. Sometimes i just don't care what's going on in other people's life. I care about my close friends and family's life, but when i can't do anything for that person, i would refer them to someone else.

well, since i don't want to put this person's name on my blog. Let's give this person a name of Dinky. Dinky is 23 years old, and never been kissed. She's desperate to find out more information about this other person whom she is interested. Dinky keeps on saying that she doesn't care, but if she doesn't care, why would she stay at my apt and talk to me for over an hour about this boy? The thing is that i am not even close to Dinky, i don't even know her parents name. I don't even know her birthday. Basically, she kinda just kind of attach herself to me at a social event. I wish i could be a better friend to her, but i don't know much about her. I know I sound really ridiculous right now, and probably sound really selfish. Dinky needs some psychological help, i asked her what can i do for her. she just keeps on saying 'oh, nothing' .

Note to self, when other people ask how you are doing. always answer "Amazing" Even if you are doing terrible, you can always act amazing, and hope it'll be okay and amazing at the end. i know you'll attract what you think in your mind. i know if you want to be a winner in whatever field, you've got to see the result picture in your head, and keep on working towards it.

I really like this quote from Aristotle "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." Dinky keeps on doing the same thing. keeps on saying that she doesn't care. when deep down inside, she is afraid to be alone. Yet, her act towards boys seems too pushy, over board, and just too much for a boy to take.

If anyone want to attract the opposite sex, they need to first have confidence in themselves. No one wants to date someone who is not sure about themselves. Everyone wants to date the "cool" person, you know? Some said women with higher education or are successful in their career intimidates man. Well, i think not. Who would want to marry a couch potato? No man would want to marry a stupid person who sub-press their abilities to be married. I don't think smart man would want to marry someone knowing that they will suck at teaching their children. It's SOOOOO STUPID when single women think that they should stop seeking for education and start looking for a man to marry them. Gosh woman, have some self-confidants.

It's common sense to me not to be pushy with boys, you don't want them to be stressed when they are with you. Especially when you are with a boy that you like.

Note to self... don't let your kids skip grades. it will ruin their social skills.

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weezwhetten said...

I think you are a very good friend. :)