Sunday, October 19, 2008


So.... this is the 2nd to the last time that I will drive up to Rexburg to see Steve. Next time I go, it would be for my Idaho bridal shower and say goodbye to all my friends there.

This weekend was short but sweet. first of all, i found out that Steve is cursive challenged while we were addressing our invitation envelops. It was interesting to see his reaction. He is usually good at everything. All of the sudden he doesn't know how to write G in cursive, and having trouble with little m's. It was such a precious moment...... in my mind i was laughing sooooo hard, and try not to show on my face that his writing is really cute. ( like a little 3rd grader) oh! how i love Steve. If he is always good at everything, then our life would be so boring. Also i'd feel so defeated and useless all the time.

Why the feeling defeated? Both of us are first borns of our parents. Being the first child, we are usually smarter then the rest of the children that comes later. Hence, we are better in many things from school, sports, music, language, cooking, and so on. Maybe it's because my mother has such high expectation from me when i was little, i became very competitive. As for Steve, his father is extremely competitive, hence the gene passed down. This is such a humbling experience, because both of us realized that we can't be good at everything. At least i think i can't, cuz i don't want to hurt other people's feeling by winning. If it's important things like business,,, yes! super competitive, cuz it's about my career, money, and future financial status.

Registering is so tiring, and Bed, Bath & Beyond's register gun is so heavy and retarted. Glad Steve has strong finger to press those stupid botton. Why don't they have guns like Targets?? it was so much easier. so..... envelope and register is all done.... now just need to print the pics, temple invite and direction cards....


can't wait to be married to the man that i love the most inthe whole entire world, and grow old with him.... and maybe count his wrinckles... hahah.

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Das Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

That's good that Steve isn't good at everything! :) Good luck registering! It seems like hard work.