Thursday, June 24, 2010

17 weeks

It has been a busy week, or month I'd say. I loved being in a play and I am having so much fun doing it, but I am also glad this Saturday is our last show. I am a bit tired as you can see. Grandma and grandpa came watch the show, and it totally made my day =^.^=

During the first scene, I was with 6 other girls holding a 1950's phone on our hand showing our super sad face for missing an important phone call. All of the sudden, I heard from the audience, " Oh~ Jenn...". I knew it was grandma, and I almost lost my character and busted out laughing.  I guess my facial expression caught her attention.

I had a baby doctor visit last week, I heard the baby's heart beat again. It was very comforting. The doctor said everything looks fine, but he also mentioned that since it's my first baby and my body size, my stomach doesn't look as big as other pregnant women that are on the same week. I am totally okay with that.I can hide my baby bump with my flowy dresses, but when I wear more fitted t-shirts, you can totally tell the bump is there.

We find out the gender of the baby on 7/14... any guesses?


Josh & Stefanie said...

I think your gonna have a boy...but kinda hope you have a girl so her and Chloe can be best buds, but we will love it no matter what! Can't wait to find out. Oh and can't wait to see you guys, we are going to go to SD the same time you guys go in August yay!

Cristine Garrison said...

i'm saying BOY too.

San Ba Po said...

I went to my massage therapist today, and she said she could feel strong male energy in me. LOL. Maybe Steve's " Grow a pipi" chant worked?!

Stef, can't wait to see you guys in SD. we need to go get pedicures and lay out with alot of sunscreen at the beach.

Cristine, I want to go to Harry Potter Park with you!