Sunday, September 25, 2011

catch up for the past couple months

  • Sophie is 9 moths, and she walks!
  • I got a job back at my old department at Nu Skin, while Steve plays for a while.
  • Food storage was awesome when we were unemployed.  ( DO IT!! have a food storage!!)
  • My crazy habit of saving money here, and there is sooo rediculously crazy. I felt like a chipmunk saving nuts for winter. But it's fabulous! you never know when you'll need it.
  • It was a very humbling experience that we qualified for government aids. ( I never wanted to be helped by anyone, and having to use government aid made me feel ashamed that I wasn't self sufficient.)
  • Over all, it was a good experience to have. I've learned that it is okay to receive help from other people. My bishop said, " It gives other people a chance to serve you, and receive blessings"
  • Steve found out that babies are in a better mood if you feed them enough food, and water.
  • Steve realized how much I do in the house after being a stay-home dad.
  • Steve and I appreciate and love each other more as we journey this experience. 
  • I am far from perfect, and I am very prideful. ( In the sense that I want to do everything myself.)
  • Steve was able to snuggle with Sophie more. I love seeing her snuggle with him, and watch football on TV
  • I've learned that it doesn't matter what other people do, say or  have. It matters what Steve and I do, say and have together. Other people's opinion don't matter. It's our life, and it's our journey. No one knows how to live our lives better than ourselves. What worked for others might not work for us, and what work for us might not work for others. To each their own. 
  • I am grateful for the gospel, and know that family is forever. I think about my aunt who passed away earlier this year from cancer all the time, and I think of our friend Danny and his surviving family often. 
  • I have a great husband who loves me, and tolerate my every imperfection.
  • I have a funny and happy baby who gives me hugs and licks my face... and sometimes falls asleep on my face with her tiny body across my face, in my bed.
  • I am grateful to all that I have.
  • I am grateful to have the opportunity to go to college and further my education, and grateful for times like this, that I could go back to work and support my family. 
  • oh, and Sophie says:
    • dada
    • nei nei (boobs/milk in chinese)
    • MA!!!!!
    • Ah!!!!
Here are some videos of Sophie in the past couple months.


Sassy Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! The soup video is so adorable. Love that little face! :)

I say AMEN to your thoughts, Jenn! No one knows how to live your life (or in my case, my life) better than I do. I'm glad you are doing what you know is best for your family!

Stefanie said...

I think it's so great that you get to switch roles for a bit, I'm sure it makes you appreciate each other so much more! Oh and I love that baby and need to see her soon! Love you guys!