Monday, October 31, 2011

Nu Busy

Hi Friends, or whoever reads my blog. Does anyone besides my husband read my blog anyway?

I used to think it's so cool to be able to travel for work, and stay in a hotel, and go to meetings. After last week, I have adjusted my thoughts on that. I think I like my own bed better. Although having someone make your bed every day seems like a really neat idea, but living out of the suitcases in the past week was quite exhausting.

Yet, I am here sitting in my hotel room... again. 2 more freaking days till the meeting/trainings over. Sophie and Steve left this morning. Sophie is much happier when she is home sleeping in her own bed. She is so comfortable that she had pooped 5 times today.

I can't wait to get home tomorrow, and sleep in my own bed. I don't care if I have to drive up the the meeting again on wednesday... I need to be with my babies.

Here is a photo with the people that I work with. We all worked our @$$ off for the convention, and we are so glad it's over.

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