Monday, June 13, 2011

back the scene photo shoot

Mommy and I have many random photo shoots throughout the day. Here is what is really happening before she produce a decent photo of me. Hey ! I am cute, and I am the first baby. Mommy just likes to put me on her bed and take photos.

In between mommy trying to figure out her ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and whatever else she needs to work on... and still need to figure out... This is what I go through each photo shoot with mommy.

aperture too small
mommy accidentally used the flash...

I smiled, but mommy suck at framing the photo on time

I thought it was really funny that she got so frustrated with her camera

I moved so much that my head band is falling down

OKAY~!!!!! Now it's on my face! Are we done yet????

Mommy put the head band back, and I was trying to grab the camera to show her how it works.

Total melt down. Okay, we are done. 
My mommy takes a lot of effort to take good photos, but I just want to show you what it takes to get to that one good photo.

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MIMI said...

I can't wait til we get back so I can come see her!