Thursday, April 30, 2009

ESPN, sports... what?

My husband woke up one morning by the question from me, " If a player is drafted to Chargers team, can Chargers immediately trade him for someone else"I was never into sports, until Steve came into my life. I remember watching NCAA for couple weeks with him every night when we were still dating. Last week, we went to both Lakers v.s Jazz basketball game, and I rather enjoy cheering for the Lakers. We both wore our Lakers shirt, and I even had yellow glasses on.

We sat in a section with many Lakers' fan, and some of them had sambrarro (sp?) and panchos on. The Lakers did not let us down on Saturday, we were able to shout "Go Lakers" and the famous "We Want TACOS!!" I guess one of the sports writer could hear us chanting " Utah sucks" over the TV.

Steve is quite happy for the football draft question that woke him, and he is looking forward for more of those surprise sports questions from me.

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Sassy Sarah said...

Haha... You'll probably NEVER hear me ask that question! It's interesting what relationships can do and loving someone can do to interest you into their lives and interests.