Monday, January 18, 2010

weak photo

Recently I have found my interest in photography again that I put away since I was in Paris. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe it’s because Rexburg is really boring to photograph? Or it’s just too cold to go outside for a photo walk. I finally found “it” again when I decide it’s time to buy a Nikon D3000. It’s a beginner’s photographer’s camera, it takes awesome photos, and it’s compact.

I am not a professional photographer by all means, but I like photos. Photos can say a lot about what is happening, how a person might be feeling, a silent story untold and it helps me to capture memories that I might someday forget. Sometimes you can capture the most interesting moment of someone’s life, and they don’t even know it. My favorite shots are the ones taken with micro feature, the flower icon. Because the background is blurred, and only one subject is in focus.

My family have been my subject in the past couple months as I practice my shots. I don’t plan to be a professional photographer at all, it is simply a hobbie that makes me happy. Something that I can do in my own time, and it doesn’t cost money. Except for the start up fee: buying a new camera and accessories.

I spend my time at night listening to my Nora Jones music, and putting layers adjustments on my photos. After I am done with editing my photos, I like to show it to Steve. He always says “ Baby, you are really really good at this.” Maybe I am good, maybe I am not. All in all, it makes me feel good to share my photo with him, and receive his compliments. He’s great isn’t he?



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Marie Whetten said...

It's good to have something that makes you happy and gives you so much satisfaction. Keep it up!