Friday, January 7, 2011

My b-day

I am grateful for my family and friends! I feel so loved!! My birthday started out with lots of love from my baby girl, she only woke up twice to eat, and a diaper change..... and a spit-up shower from her at 5 AM. Calls from my BFFs, and voice mail from families telling me how much they love me. Girls from work took me out to lunch, and about 10 of them came!! I was surprised  that people would actually do that for me. I feel special~!

Grandma called, but I was asleep, so she left a message. She rocks!!

My sis in law Stef called, and I was so happy to hear from her =^.^= And little Chloe talking to me on the phone is one of the funniest thing ever. She even sang ABC... not sure if she's got all the letters in there, but she's full of love. And I am so glad Stef is feeling loads better. 

My in-laws called, and they all sang happy birthday to me, and my little sis in law sang the most awesome harmony.

My mom even called~! she usually doesn't call on my birthday, but this year she did. Usually I call her on my birthday to remind her it's my birthday, and reminding her how painful it was to give birth to me. Since she always complains about it.

My hubby came home with pretty pink roses =^.^= and the Hoops and YoYo card ( I am obsessed with those cards, and i've been getting them for almost every occasion from Steve) He even got me some Pad Seew (Thai noddle dish that I love) for dinner. Since it's hard to go out to dinner with Sophie right now... we stayed home. Steve took the baby and let me have some Jenn time.

Sometimes in the next week or two, Steve and I will go celebrate my b-day at Tucanos... Since we got the birthday discount of buy one get one free, and it's too expensive to go there without the discount... it's kinda expensive.

I got some b-day calls, b-day cards, b-day presents from everyone. It's kinda nice~! I really do felt special =^.^= it was a great day! Guess what?!? I am gonna celebrate my 26th birthday all month long! Why not? it's my birhday. And borrowing  what my bff Cindy would say, " I do what I want".

Happy Birthday to me! You know what this means? In just 4 short years, I will have my 30th birthday fiesta with mariachie band, fish tacos, pinata and invite all my friends over for a fun party!! Can't wait!

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