Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Peanut m&m's

Stupid vending maching wouldn't let me push 4, so I tried 3 just wondering if it is skipping 4. Then a bag of Peanut m&m's dropped down. How lame? that's not what I wanted. While holding the unwanted Peanut m&m's in my hand, a childhood memory of candy selling immersed my mind. " I hated it" was the word that I was thinking. "And it was hot". Why do american elementary school children have to sell candies to raise money?

My first school year in US was the second semester of 6th grade, it was time to raise money to go to the 6th grade camp. I have never sold candy or done any fund raising activities prior coming to the US. It was new to me, and.... I didn't speak English. Some parents just bought the whole case of the chocolate, so their kids don't have to go door-to-door in a hispanic neighborhood and maybe get killed while raising money for the stupid camp.

My family thought it was a great idea for me to emerge into the american culture faster, so they send me off and taught me how to say " would you like to buy some candy to support our school?" which is really lame. Looking back, I Looked like.... wait,,, I actually have a photo of it.

( I am the one on the left. I got sooo dark from swimming, and I start to look like a Mexican with asisn eyes)

anyway, I will not let my children do door-to-door selling. I'd invite my neighbors, people that I know over to my house and let my kids sell candy to them that way. or i'll just buy the whole box... or just pay for the darn camp myself. No selling necessary.

Who knew, a little bad of Peanut m&m's can arouse so much emotions.

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