Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cell phone & biking

The technology has changed so rapidly in the past decade, the cellular phone has also become more popular and accessible to everyone. And i think people have become more stupid by having more technology. It seems like people are getting into more accidents while talking on the cell phone. It's bad enough when people are chatting, and texting while driving. It is even worse when people are doing those things when they are on the bike. I guess those people are multi-talented? or they are just simply retarded.

take an example from the photo below.

Doesn't this just seem dangerous?

some people are even texting when they are on the bike, or walking.

"Research has consistently shown cell phone use to be a dangerous endeavor for drivers. A 2003 study by the University of Utah found talking on the phone while driving causes the same impairments as driving drunk." (Text messaging adds to growing accident statistics of 'inattentive' drivers By Melissa Heckscher Monday, November 27 2006, 12:56 AM EST )

so is there such thing as drunk "biking"?? who knows. people just be careful when you are doing it. Text can wait.

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