Monday, August 3, 2009

Ferb Attack!

For those of you knew my little pets, Phineas and Ferb ( they are dwarf hamsters). They were separated couple months ago, cuz they got in a fight, and Phineas decide to bite Ferbs butt off. Anyway, since then they have live peacefully in their separate cages, with their own amenities. Running wheels, food, water, igloo house, and a sand bath tub. Having 2 cages for 2 different hamsters seems a little space wasting. So i decide to put Phineas a Ferb together again, hoping they'll forget the loath they have towards each other.

I put Phineas in Ferbs cage, and P just sniffed around. Ferb came out from the pile of the purple pee absorbing stuff, saw phineas.... and then Ferb charged at Phineas, got on top of him, and probably bit him too. I quickly separate them again.... i guess they still hate each other. 2 cage is good for now... never put 2 hamster together again. I don't want a hamster fight pit in my own home.

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