Monday, October 26, 2009

Nu Skin Convention and A new Website

I found out today that I am on Nu Skin's international site! How exciting!!

check out this site

Last week was Nu Skin's 25th anniversary celebration in LA, and there were many distributors came to Provo to check out the corporate building. Making sure that we are a legit company i guess. They were all so excited to be here, and they just want to take photos of EVERYTHING!!! they took pictures of people's offices, the photos in the offices, the name tag right outside of the office. I took many photos for these excited distributors, and i was probably in a couple of them, too.

Asian women like blond hair and blue eyes boys. One of my co-worker who happened to work with me at the same place, was showered with flirty smile, touched, and just alot of love towards him. One overly excited Japanese woman grabbed my co-worker, sat down next to him on the couch in that office. She linked her arm with his, and then put her hand on his lap without realizing it was really close to his manhood. 'nough said. She yelled out " My American boyfriend!!" when i was taking the photo for them.

It was a fun experience, i am glad that i am done with the tours. I am very tired.


Cristine Garrison said...

you look beautiful in that picture! how fun. you're famous!

Weez Whetten said...

My famous cube-mate! It's a great picture. I'm glad you got to experience the tours. It's quite an experience. When I had red hair they would always touch it. It would be totally flat by the end of the day from having to lean over so they could touch the top of my head and pet my hair.