Saturday, September 26, 2009

When Steve goes to sleep

There is an obvious reason why I have to go to bed before Steve does....

1. He makes the bed too hot, and I can't fall asleep. Unless I am cold, then it feels nice
2. I would stay up too late if i don't sleep when he tells me do. Yes, I do need at least 9 hours of sleep every day. Else I'd be like a zombie
3. If Steve goes to bed before I do, I get too creative. For example, last night he had to go to bed early, so he could wake up early for his LSAT. I wasn't tired, so I watched a movie, made cherry jello, made a chocolate pie, and found a can of wood stain and stained the bathroom cabinet.

You see, I was just too excited when I found the stain. Because our cabinets needs some update, i thought stain would just give it a little face lift. I didn't know the whole house would smell like paint for the next how ever many hours. I lit the match, trying to burn off the smell. I seriously thought that I might kill Steve on accident with the paint smell. Then i plugged in the good smelly stuff, it didn't work. And then i i had a fan drying the wood stain. when i was moving the fan over to the bathrom, the bottom of the fan (the stand) fell off. I was like... OH CRAP!! cuz it was Steve's fan... luckily i found the screw on the floor and fixed it. I end up just burning a candle, and it got rid of most smell.

Lesson learned, don't get too excited when Steve goes to bed before i do. And don't stain the wood at 2AM in the morning. It gets you high!!

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Cristine Garrison said...

maybe you have the "jimmy legs"?