Wednesday, September 23, 2009

audition experience

So, I thought did well. At least I thought I was way better than the old lady who couldn't even hit the right note. I know that i struggled with the E natural then F then E flat, that was the most challenging part... but I know I didn't suck that bad.

There were 8 openins 2 of each for Soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. So I really only have also or soprano. The lady who was holding the audition knew the two altos... so i decide to try out for soprano. I thought i have a pretty good chance. Then this old lady walk in half an hour late. She did her quartez, didn't hit her note, didn't start on time. It was just ...anyway. I did better. and i know she got the part cuz she knew the director.

I am a little bummed, and i miss singing. I shall try again.

Steve and I will do a Pi Pi Christmas Production, I got the lead. HAHA I know, we are dorks huh.

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Josh & Stefanie said...

That's a bummmer! I didn't know you sang, I'm sure you did better than that old lady, better luck next time!