Friday, September 25, 2009

Voice lessons

It's been about 5 years since I sang and danced on the stage. There something about performing on stage, and the lights hitting my face. It's warm and exciting. I love when people stand up and clap, and I miss it dearly. Singing lets me express myself, and it is quite stress relief by doing so. By the time I am done with the rehearsal, I just feel exuberant... and relaxed.

I looked up for another local theatre, and they offer voice lessons. Hey, why not. I called the voice instructor, left a message wanting more information about it. After i hung up, i realized that I gave the first half of my number, and second half of Steve's cell number. Genius move! not. I called back and left another message with the correct phone number. He probably think i am such a dork before meeting me.

I shall update on my progress of the voice lesson.

*************** STEVE LSAT *******************

Steve is taking LSAT this saturday morning, and he is still sick. Prayers needed.

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