Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Question That Makes Me Tick

me: Hello?

Mom: Hi! When are you going to Taiwan?

Me: um, April 6 evening

mom: Are you going to bring E-oil for your aunt?

me: what is an e-oil? ( keep in mind we were speaking in Chinese)

mom: Vitamin E oil.

me: Oh! no, she didn't ask me to bring that for her.

Mom: did you know most people take too much vitamin, and they are poisoned by the vitamin?

Me: Oh really? (Thinking: there we go again... she knows all about vitamins this time)

Mom: All you need is just 2 capsules of Vitamin E a week, not every day. Regular vitamin too, people take too much vitamin, it's wasteful, and harmful for your liver. ......( on and on....)

Me: (Thinking: be nice, you don't have to go into details about your life)

Mom: So are you pregnant yet?

Me: No.

(Thinking in my head - What the hell? why are you asking? You have been asking since we first got married. If you want a baby to hold, make one yourself. Stop calling and ask if I am pregnant yet. Just because all of your friends are grandmas now, it doesn't mean that you have to always ask if I am pregnant every time I talk to you on the phone. It's really annoying. ) 

Mom: oh.

Me : We are going to law school soon, having kids might not be very convenient right now. I am not ready.

I will be pregnant and have kids whenever I want to. I don't need anyone to keep on asking me if I am pregnant or not. Especially from my mother. It's between me and my husband. And I still want to get my masters degree. Not sure what yet, but I want to continue my education. It's my life, I do what I want.

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Sassy Sarah said...

Your mom always makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. Have you ever read anything by Amy Tan? I think you can DEFINITELY relate! :)