Friday, November 12, 2010

If you ask me..

Butter and Sugar. Use the real thing when you are baking or making food with it. Don’t use the fake margarine. The food just tastes weird. Don’t cut corner with sweet treats by using apple sauce , less sugar or add more flour. Just make it by following the recipe. 

There is nothing wrong eating butter and sugar, and it’s okay to have those in your diet. Just don’t eat a pound of éclair, or a dozen cookies at once. That will make you unhealthy of course. Why French women aren’t fat, when all of the French food is made with butter? Because they enjoy and savor their food. They eat one piece of high quality of dark chocolate, instead of having 10 chocolate candy bars (i.e. snickers )

Please don’t substitute butter with apple sauce when making cookies, trust me, it doesn’t turn out, and it tastes terrible. If you gonna have cookies, éclairs, fruit tarts, chocolate mousse and etc. Have the real thing, enjoy the food, and really appreciate it.


kami said...

i completely agree! eat the real stuff. your body knows what to do with it. i think our relationship with food is pretty broken in this country. i love how the french sit down and savor their meals...i mean, when is the last time we sat down and ate dinner for 2 or 3 hours? americans eat in more like 2 or 3 minutes!

San Ba Po said...

have a little, and really enjoy and savor every bite right? i miss having french dinner with all the girls!