Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best Part of My Day

Sophie just hit her 4 weeks mark yesterday! Time has gone by pretty quickly in the past 4 weeks with her making her big arrival, the holidays, and everything else in between. I am just so in love with my little girl, and I think she is pretty awesome! Besides having but rash, and that would make anyone uncomfortable. I'd cry much more if I had a butt rash the size of hers. My baby girl is so brave, and I seriously cried with her the nights she was up, because she was in pain. I wished I couldn't just take her pain away. It breaks my heart seeing her hurting, and there's not much I could do about it.

I am so grateful for my relationship with my heavenly father, I know that no matter what, he will always be there, and would never fail me. I know that when I say my prayers, he is listening. I am so grateful that he has entrusted a spirit like Sophie to me and Steve. More so, I am grateful that he has blessed us with a great baby like Sophie.

Steve and I were just discussing this the other day, we seriously don't know how people do it by themselves. It is a lot of work having a baby, and being pregnant and giving birth is actually the easy part of it. All the doctors visits, feeding and diaper changing in the odd hours of the day, and not sleeping. I have help from Steve and my mom, and I am still exhausted. How does any woman handle of having a baby on their own without the help of their spouse? You can only get so much help from family and friends, then you'll have to do it on your own.  I am so grateful to have Steve, and he is so good to me and the baby. I can't ask anything more than a husband like him. He loves me, takes care of me, and he works super hard to make sure that we are being taken care of. ( Shout out to my boop! I LOVE YOU!!... I know you will be reading this)

The best part of my day is hanging out with my baby girl, and when she gives me the biggest smile. All the pain that I went through during the pregnancy, birthing pain, and postpartum pain was all worth that smile on her sweet little face. I don't care how many poopy diapers I will have to change, and how tired I get. That smile, oh yes, that smile on her face-- It is all worth it.

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