Sunday, December 5, 2010

mama bear instinct

New mama bear (like me) can be very protective of her new born baby. If you do anything remotely provocative and makes me think you will hurt my baby... I will show you the side of Jenn you would never want to see. Ever~!

The morning after we came home with our baby, it was quiet, Steve was by our baby, I was eating breakfast at the dinning table, my mom was on the couch reading, and it was a perfect serene morning. All of the sudden, there was a fast and hard knock on the door, as if someone died kind of door knocking. Steve looked out, and it was our next door neighbor. We thought something was wrong, so Steve opened the door. The neighbor lady barged in without invitation (didn't even take off her shoes, but that's not the point), walked straight towards my baby, and yelled " Where is she? I want to see her". I felt myself shaking,  getting warmer, and ready to charge at this lady with all of my strength. I was absolutely furious!!

First of all, I don't know her that well. Second, I don't know if she has any disease (she looks like the witch in the front cover of the 1st Fablehaven book) even if it's just a cold. Third, why is she in my house??

I don't think I have been this upset before, I said, " DON'T TOUCH HER! LEAVE! LEAVE NOW!!!" I was about to throw my chair at this lady, and strangle her. This lady then said, " oh, I just want to see her" (still with a loud disturbing voice, and standing in my middle of my house with her freakin' shoes on).

I said, " NO! Leave NOW!" I was so mad to a point that I was shaking, and I felt like charging at her and hurt her. She apologized,  and explained that she just want to see the baby, but I didn't care. We didn't invite her in at all, she just barged in. And I really don't want her near my baby.

Moral of the story.... I don't know, I might have over reacted a little, I was a total bitch and barked at her, but she really scared me. All I was thinking was that " OMG, a witch looking women, with cricket yellow teeth is approaching my new born, and she might take my new baby. I will kill if necessary."

What would you do if this were to happen to you?


Kat.trinee said...

Lol. I would have done the same thing, but probably with more violence.

kami said...

:) I just admire you for speaking up! I would have probably been to afraid to say something but then would have been just as mad and annoyed afterwards. I think it's fine you stood up for that...those mama bear instincts are strong!!

Sassy Sarah said...

I definitely would have done the same thing! How rude! That lady had NO tact to barge in like that.

By the way, the guy who illustrates the Fablehaven series went to BYU-Idaho and married a good friend of mine? They live pretty close to me in WA. Random!